Kids reenacting Oscar-nominated movies

This video should win an Oscar itself. Watch little ones act out scenes from movies nominated for Best Picture.

Saturday - 02/22/2014, 09:38am EST

Girl Scout sells cookies outside pot shop

An enterprising Girl Scout sold some 117 cookies in two hours -- outside a medical marijuana dispensary in San Francisco, California.

Saturday - 02/22/2014, 05:22am EST

Bright lights effect emotions, decision making

Talk about mood lighting.

Saturday - 02/22/2014, 03:55am EST

Economy hits clowns hard

If you cannot get a clown for your child's birthday party, blame the economy.

Friday - 02/21/2014, 11:29pm EST

Utah mom buys all of store's 'indecent' T-shirts

Utah mother says store's T-shirts are 'indecent,' buys them all to remove window display

Friday - 02/21/2014, 08:20pm EST

Cleanup crew returns discarded Ohio birthday card

Sanitation crew returns Ohio woman's mistakenly discarded birthday card, $50 gift inside

Friday - 02/21/2014, 05:20pm EST

Celebrate National Margarita Day Feb. 22

Although there's still traces of snow on the ground, that won't stop people from celebrating National Margarita Day Saturday, Feb. 22.

Friday - 02/21/2014, 03:29pm EST

Burglary suspect arrested after leaving wallet

Dallas police say burglary suspect arrested after he lost his wallet at crime scene

Friday - 02/21/2014, 02:48pm EST

Families celebrate Olympics at backyard sled track

Michigan families celebrate Olympics with massive sled track built into backyard hill

Friday - 02/21/2014, 01:48pm EST

After wet spell, 2nd sinkhole opens up in Oregon

After wet spell, 2nd sinkhole opens up in Oregon yard; no injuries

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 04:19pm EST

Stolen '57 Chevy returned to owner after 30 years

Stolen 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air returned to California owner after 30 years

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 03:19pm EST

New suits aim to avoid shark attacks (Video)

A new swimming suit developed in West Australia can prevent shark attacks.

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 09:03am EST

New technology can change the battlefield

A new technology can stop hemorrhaging in seconds on the battlefield.

Thursday - 02/20/2014, 08:52am EST

WVa pizza worker caught urinating in sink fired

Pizza Hut manager fired after getting caught on video urinating in sink at W.Va. restaurant

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 06:10pm EST

Pants forgotten in Minn. reach groom in Costa Rica

Minnesota clothier pulls out stops to deliver forgotten wedding pants to groom in Costa Rica

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 04:58pm EST

Pa. judge chides couple for offensive jury summons

Pa. judge chides couple for returning jury summons questionnaire completed with crude answers

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 04:20pm EST

Company sells Edward Snowden action figures

Kids can play "whistleblowing" with their very own Edward Snowden action figure thanks to a company's newest creation.

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 10:47am EST

Woman says she woke, found intruder asleep in home

Fla. woman says she awoke to find sleeping intruder on her couch; police arrest man

Wednesday - 02/19/2014, 07:30am EST

Police: Bizarre 911 calls lead to pot discovery

Police: Series of bizarre 911 calls leads to discovery of Northern California marijuana garden

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 08:50pm EST

Brother saves awkward 'kiss cam' moment (Video)

No sibling rivalry here.

Tuesday - 02/18/2014, 05:17pm EST
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