Rosario Murillo: Nicaragua's 'first comrade'

Politics a family affair with president's wife Rosario Murillo as Nicaragua's 'first comrade'

Monday - 07/28/2014, 10:15am EDT

Ukrainian PM urges vote to pay for war

Ukrainian prime minister says money needed to pay for war against separatists, reconstruction

Monday - 07/28/2014, 10:06am EDT

Britain reopens way for fracking

Fracking: British government opens the way for energy firms to explore for shale gas

Monday - 07/28/2014, 09:40am EDT

New Castle County money transfer examined

New Castle County auditor examines transfer of $92M to Switzerland

Monday - 07/28/2014, 09:33am EDT

Beach town's ban prompts battle over shave ice

Ban in Rhode Island town where Taylor Swift has summer home prompts battle over shave ice

Monday - 07/28/2014, 09:09am EDT

Former Naval Academy superintendent dies at 77

Former Naval Academy superintendent Charles Larson dies at 77

Monday - 07/28/2014, 09:09am EDT

List of proposed new VA medical facilities

List of proposed new VA medical facilities

Monday - 07/28/2014, 08:30am EDT

US exports help Germany increase coal, pollution

US coal exports to German power plants quadruple, adding pollution, as US shuts its own down

Monday - 07/28/2014, 08:16am EDT

Frederick, Md., mayor touts city's gains

Frederick, Md., mayor highlighting transportation, development in State of the City address

Monday - 07/28/2014, 07:48am EDT

Obama to rename Africa program for Nelson Mandela

White House: Obama to rename program for young African leaders in honor of Nelson Mandela

Monday - 07/28/2014, 07:40am EDT

Belhaven mayor wraps march to DC to save hospital

Mayor of rural NC town finishing walk to DC in hopes of reopening local hospital

Monday - 07/28/2014, 07:07am EDT

In Chinese shadow, Hong Kong fights for its future

Hong Kong fights for its future in the face of growing Chinese influence

Monday - 07/28/2014, 06:26am EDT

Judge strikes down DC ban on handguns outside home

Judges strikes down DC ban on handguns outside homes, latest ruling in fight over gun laws

Monday - 07/28/2014, 06:22am EDT

Outgoing Karzai says Afghans need new president

Outgoing Karzai says Afghans need new president, urges speedy end to ballot audit

Monday - 07/28/2014, 06:22am EDT

HK pro-democracy news site folds, citing pressure

Hong Kong pro-democracy news website folds, citing rising political pressure

Monday - 07/28/2014, 06:20am EDT

EU hits Russian intelligence chiefs with sanctions

New EU sanctions imposed on Russian intelligence chiefs, rebel organizations in Ukraine

Monday - 07/28/2014, 06:14am EDT

Netanyahu: Israel can lose on PR but not security

Israeli PM Netanyahu: Public opinion can slip from his side but nation won't cede security

Monday - 07/28/2014, 05:50am EDT

EU, US seek Putin Achilles' heel on Ukraine

US, Europe seek to find elusive pressure points on Putin over Russia's actions in Ukraine

Monday - 07/28/2014, 05:40am EDT

Obama: US worried about worsening Gaza conditions

Obama tells Netanyahu US is worried about worsening conditions in Gaza, civilian deaths

Monday - 07/28/2014, 05:00am EDT

Toppled crosses in China spur defiance

As government tears down church crosses, Chinese Christians rise to defend their symbol

Monday - 07/28/2014, 04:30am EDT
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