Disqualified Navajo candidate to remain on ballot

Navajo presidential candidate to stay on ballot despite disqualification; election to proceed

Monday - 10/13/2014, 07:20pm EDT

New Hampshire lawmaker calls congresswoman 'ugly'

Republican New Hampshire state lawmaker: Democratic congresswoman ugly, challenger attractive

Monday - 10/13/2014, 07:17pm EDT

GOP spends $6M more on North Carolina Senate race

National Republican group spending $6M more to help Tillis take North Carolina's Senate seat

Monday - 10/13/2014, 05:50pm EDT

Wendy Davis defends wheelchair ad in Texas race

Wendy Davis defends Texas governor's race ad that highlights Abbott's use of wheelchair

Monday - 10/13/2014, 05:08pm EDT

Michigan's only gubernatorial debate grows testy

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder, opponent Mark Schauer spar over Detroit bankruptcy, taxes, schools

Monday - 10/13/2014, 03:48pm EDT

Senate Democrats spent $27M in September

Senate Democrats' campaign arm says it raised $16M in September, spent $27M

Monday - 10/13/2014, 03:02pm EDT

Alaska's Senate candidates vie for veterans' votes

In Alaska, where veterans are major presence, Senate candidates are competing for their votes

Monday - 10/13/2014, 03:02pm EDT

Bolivia's Morales coasts to 3rd term as president

Bolivian President Evo Morales easily wins unprecedented 3rd term in office

Monday - 10/13/2014, 01:59pm EDT

At 90, Jimmy Carter is back campaigning in Georgia

Jimmy Carter is back campaigning in Georgia _ for grandson Jason's bid to become governor

Monday - 10/13/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Hungary's far-right Jobbik gains in rural areas

Hungary's far-right Jobbik party makes significant gains in rural areas, fails in Budapest

Monday - 10/13/2014, 12:59pm EDT

Upside-down Kansas, other surprises, enliven races

GOP worries in Kansas, South Dakota; health law attacks fading? Election surprises abounding

Monday - 10/13/2014, 12:36pm EDT

Md. gubernatorial candidates hold 2nd debate

Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown and Larry Hogan have spent much of their second debate trading accusations and focusing on weaknesses.

Monday - 10/13/2014, 12:32pm EDT

Nationalists likely winners in Bosnian election

Nationalists who led Bosnia into a war 2 decades ago may be winners of general election

Monday - 10/13/2014, 12:23pm EDT

Washington Post endorses Brown for Md. governor

Washington Post endorses Anthony Brown for Maryland governor, cites experience, knowledge

Monday - 10/13/2014, 10:13am EDT

Brazilian opposition candidate endorses Neves

Brazil's 3rd-place presidential contender endorses opposition candidate Aecio Neves in runoff

Monday - 10/13/2014, 04:02am EDT

Romney campaigns with Iowa Senate candidate Ernst

Romney campaigning in Iowa for Republican candidate Ernst in close US Senate campaign

Monday - 10/13/2014, 01:10am EDT

Yemen's crisis reflects arc of Arab Spring revolts

With Yemen in crisis, activists behind its 2011 uprising look at what went wrong

Sunday - 10/12/2014, 06:48pm EDT

West alarmed at Hungarian leader's power tactics

West alarmed at Hungarian leader's consolidation of power as country holds municipal elections

Sunday - 10/12/2014, 05:43pm EDT

Hungary's Fidesz widely dominates municipal voting

Hungary's ruling Fidesz party dominates municipal elections, far-right Jobbik gains

Sunday - 10/12/2014, 05:38pm EDT

Obama wraps up California fundraising trip

Obama wraps up California fundraising trip, more campaign politics coming next week

Sunday - 10/12/2014, 02:46pm EDT
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