Ask The Chief: Cathy Lanier discusses search for Relisha Rudd

The D.C. Police Department has been leading the search for 8-year-old Relisha Rudd, who was last seen Feb. 26 at a shelter in Southeast D.C., and it is still a very active investigation says Chief of Police Cathy Lanier.

Wednesday - 04/09/2014, 12:34pm EDT

Maryland and D.C. police chiefs discuss youth violence and drones

The police chiefs from D.C., Prince George's and Montgomery counties were guests on WTOP's "Ask the Chiefs" show on Thursday, answering questions on a range of topics from youth violence to drones.

Thursday - 03/07/2013, 03:29pm EST

Cellphone thefts rise as ecoATMs offer fast cash for old phones

An environmental effort to make recycling more convenient in the District is having the unintended consequence of increasing crime, says Metropolitan Police Chief Cathy Lanier.

Thursday - 02/07/2013, 01:31pm EST

Chief: Brutal group linked to 9 beatings

A total of five men have been arrested in connection with the brutal beating in Eastern Market in August and police say the group is responsible for nine separate violent assaults in recent months.

Friday - 11/02/2012, 03:06am EDT

D.C. police once arrested a U.S. president for speeding

When he was mayor of D.C., Adrian Fenty made headlines when he got a speeding ticket. But it turns out D.C. police once arrested the president of the United States for speeding.

Saturday - 10/06/2012, 01:34pm EDT

D.C. police chief: Scalpers can be arrested

Harsh penalties can befall ticket scalpers, including those selling at face value, the D.C. chief of police said Thursday as officers prepare to step up enforcement for the Nationals' postseason.

Thursday - 10/04/2012, 05:52pm EDT

Pedestrians, cyclists shoulder ticket burden in D.C.

D.C. police issued 500 tickets to pedestrians, and 3,000 tickets to bicyclists in 2011, Chief Cathy Lanier told WTOP on Thursday's "Ask the Chief."

Friday - 09/07/2012, 07:48am EDT

Officer accused of FLOTUS threat forgoes Secret Service suit

An officer was accused of threatening first lady Michelle Obama in July. This lead to a joint investigation between the Secret Service and the D.C. Police to determine if there was a valid threat, and if it was prosecutable.

Thursday - 09/06/2012, 04:21pm EDT

Live Blog: Ask the Chief with Cathy Lanier

Thursday - 09/06/2012, 04:20pm EDT

Lanier: Police to address violent Cap. Hill assaults 'hard'

D.C. police don't have any further leads on the assault earlier this week of a 26-year-old man in the Capitol Hill neighborhood. It follows the brutal beating of another man on Capitol Hill two weeks ago. Both incidents seem to have begun as robberies, but ended with unusual violence, says Chief Cathy Lanier.

Thursday - 09/06/2012, 04:19pm EDT

Chief: Nats to pay for essential playoffs security

Police Chief Cathy Lanier says the department has been working with the Lerner Family, which owns the team, to prepare for the "big celebration."

Thursday - 09/06/2012, 04:19pm EDT

Chief: Drones good for Fairfax, not for D.C.

Drones in the skies over Northern Virginia makes sense, though they likely won't be monitoring the District in the near future, says the D.C. chief of police, also a homeland security expert.

Thursday - 05/10/2012, 03:41pm EDT

Chief: Drones 'certainly' coming to skies over Beltway

Soon, Fairfax County Police may be added to FAA's list of agencies currently or previously permitted to use the unmanned aerial vehicles.

Monday - 04/30/2012, 05:46pm EDT

Lanier: Number of cops fallen below danger level

The total number of police officers in the city is 3,830, D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier said on WTOP's "Ask the Chief" on Thursday. At least 100 of these are currently in the police academy, which drops the total on-street officers below her hard line of 3,800.

Thursday - 03/01/2012, 03:55pm EST

Police double up on cameras to catch speeding drivers

Would-be speeders slow down in areas where they know there are fixed cameras, and speed up again after passing through, police in Montgomery and Prince George's counties have observed. On WTOP's "Ask The Chief" on Wednesday, Montgomery County Police Chief Thomas Manger said his police force now adds additional mobile speed cameras in these speed-up zones to drive the message home.

Wednesday - 02/22/2012, 01:45pm EST

Lanier to Chef Geoff: Thanks, slow down

The girl who was allegedly sexually assaulted in her D.C. elementary school Wednesday had been assigned to escort the suspect around the school, the D.C. chief of police says.

Thursday - 02/02/2012, 01:13pm EST

Chief: MPD asks for help with violent crimes; 170K fewer traffic tickets

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier was on "Ask the Chief" at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Thursday - 01/05/2012, 01:53pm EST

Chief Lanier: Struck Occupy protesters stepped in front of cars

The chief revealed new information about an incident earlier in November in which one or more vehicles struck Occupy D.C. protesters outside the D.C. Convention Center.

Thursday - 12/01/2011, 11:33am EST

Lanier: 'Halloween is a very dangerous night'

D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier is a guest Thursday on WTOP's "Ask the Chief" program with Mark Segraves.

Thursday - 11/03/2011, 03:55pm EDT

Cop under investigation for lying about witnessing murder

A D.C. police officer has been removed from duty and is being investigated for lying to police about allegedly witnessing a murder, Police Chief Cathy Lanier tells WTOP.

Thursday - 09/01/2011, 03:00pm EDT
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