Snuggie (snuggie)

Infomercial biz 'Proactiv'-ly reinvents itself

As seen on TV: The infomercial industry -- which brought you Snuggies, ThighMaster, and Hula Chair -- is changing its methods to make sure consumers continue buying the products they see demonstrated on television. Full Story

Shoes for the directionally challenged

A company has taken the next step in wearable technology by inventing a "smart shoe" that can help a pedestrian find their way around. Full Story

PadFone novel as phone-tablet hybrid

Companies often blend some of the old with the new. PadFone is novel as a phone-tablet hybrid, but it comes with bulk and weight. Full Story

Face transplant recipient in GQ (Photos)

After decades of hiding his disfigured face, Richard Norris -- who received complex face transplant surgeries in Maryland -- will show off his new appearance in GQ magazine. See his transformation here. Full Story

$1,000 pill hepatitis C treatment of choice

Despite outcry over its cost, a breakthrough drug has become the treatment of choice for the liver-wasting disease, hepatitis C Full Story