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Monday - 3/17/2014, 11:10am  ET

WTOP NEWS is the source for news and information in the Mid-Atlantic and one of the leading news operations in the country. Federal News Radio is the place for news and information on and about the Federal Government. WFED is also the radio home of Washington Capitals Hockey, George Washington University Men's Basketball, American University Men's Basketball, and Navy Football. WFED also broadcasts the Washington Nationals and Baltimore Ravens.
An internship at WTOP and WFED is an opportunity to learn from the best in journalism, including veterans of ABC, NBC, CBS, the Associated Press and other news organizations.
The goal of our internship program is to provide an outstanding learning environment for students to enhance their skills. This is a "hands-on" internship. The more students put into it, the more they benefit. Greater responsibility is given as the student progresses. WTOP offers internships for both broadcast & digital journalism.
Broadcast internship Includes:
  • Writing and editing.
  • Man-on-the-street reporting.
  • Phone interviews.
  • Research story material.
  • Edit audio using AdobeAudition.
  • Take pictures and work on various assignments for WTOP.com.
  • Assist with various "Ask The..." interview shows.
  • Blog about your internship experience.
  • Support reporters, editors, and writers as needed.
  • Work with investigative unit on special assignments.
Digital internship includes:
  • Writing and editing.
  • Slide-show creation.
  • Use of social-media.
  • Research story material.
  • Multi-media story telling.
  • Take pictures and work on various assignments for WTOP.com.
Students must be a college junior, senior or graduate student and MUST receive academic credit for their internship. Please submit the following, paying attention to deadlines listed below;
  • Resume
  • Cover letter indicating department of interest
  • Letter confirming academic credit on school letterhead from an advisor
All material should be submitted by mail to:
WTOP C/O Sue Rushkowski
3400 Idaho Avenue NW
Washington, D.C. 20016

OR by email to srushkowski@wtop.com

From taking reporters' leads to gathering local reaction on a breaking story to interviewing a congressman, students will get the experience they need at WTOP and WFED. For more information, contact Sue Rushkowski, Director of Human Resources, srushkowski@wtop.com.

Spring Semester Schedule:
January - April
November 15th (application deadline)

Summer Semester Schedule:
May - August
March 15th (application deadline)

Fall Semester Schedule:
September - December
August 9th (application deadline)