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Daughter of diplomat suffered 'significant' head injury

The daughter of a foreign diplomat suffered a large laceration to the back of her head. Police say her father hit her with a chair but the case is now in the hands of the State Department.

Updated 43 minutes, 14 seconds ago

APS to Give High School Freshmen Macbooks

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 04:45pm EDT

NOVA Legal Beat: Fired for Dyslexia?

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 03:00pm EDT

Peeing Kids Caught in the Act at Penrose Park

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 02:00pm EDT

Ballston restaurant challenge winner plans winter opening

Christiana Campos, the new restaurateur who won the Ballston Business Improvement District's Restaurant Challenge this year, plans to open her new restaurant this winter.

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 01:00pm EDT

Arlington Pet of the Week: Romeo

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Washington Redskins' Pierre Garcon helps raise money for teen with cerebral palsy (Video)

Washington Redskins' wide receiver Pierre Garcon has big hands and a big heart. He's helping raise money for a local teenager whose family needs a special van to accommodate his wheelchair.

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 11:14am EDT

Morning Poll: Should the Streetcar Be Free?

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 11:10am EDT

Morning Notes

Wednesday - 08/27/2014, 09:35am EDT

Report: Diplomat beat daughter with chair leg

The teen sustained a head wound in the beating, but police say no arrest was made. It's a case of diplomatic immunity.

Tuesday - 08/26/2014, 05:15pm EDT

‘Miami Vice Burgers' truck launches in Arlington

Crockett and Tubbs may be long off the air, but two men are trying to bring the flair of the "Miami Vice" TV show to their new Arlington-based food truck.

Tuesday - 08/26/2014, 03:00pm EDT

Ask Adam: New Condo Developments in Arlington

Tuesday - 08/26/2014, 01:30pm EDT

Cyclist Struck by Squad Car on Rt. 50 Ramp

Tuesday - 08/26/2014, 12:00pm EDT

Bike Registration Continues to Rise in Arlington

Tuesday - 08/26/2014, 10:45am EDT

Morning Poll: Leaving Town for Labor Day?

Tuesday - 08/26/2014, 09:20am EDT

Streets Market opens in Lyon Park with produce and fresh sushi

Streets Market and Café, a new grocery store in Lyon Park, is now open.

Monday - 08/25/2014, 05:00pm EDT

BREAKING: Serious Accident Closes GW Parkway

Monday - 08/25/2014, 02:40pm EDT

Peeing and pooping in Penrose Park peeves parents

Children are urinating and defecating in public at Penrose Park (2200 6th Street S.), according to neighborhood residents.

Monday - 08/25/2014, 01:00pm EDT
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