Media seek end to secrecy order in shooting case

A group of 21 news organizations is asking a judge to reverse his order sealing court records in the case against James Holmes, the man accused of killing 12 people and injuring 58 in a Colorado movie theater.

Friday - 07/27/2012, 06:38pm EDT

Colo. shooting: Police pleaded for ambulances

As the horror unfolded for police first on the scene of the Colorado theater massacre, the officers repeatedly sent out urgent pleas for more ambulances even as a two-man crew and their rig were idling just a few miles away.

Friday - 07/27/2012, 07:34am EDT

Jesse Jackson to meet family of a shooting victim

The Rev. Jesse Jackson is visiting Aurora to meet with theater shooting victims and renew his call for a ban on assault weapons.

Thursday - 07/26/2012, 12:30pm EDT

No medical bills for some Colo. shooting victims

Some of the victims fighting for their lives after being wounded in the movie-theater shooting rampage may face another challenge when they get out of the hospital: enormous medical bills without the benefit of health insurance.

Thursday - 07/26/2012, 12:04am EDT

Colo. shooting survivor forgives alleged gunman

A survivor of the deadly shootings at a Colorado movie theater says he has forgiven the alleged gunman.

Wednesday - 07/25/2012, 09:35pm EDT

Neighbors of accused Colo. shooter allowed home

Neighbors of the accused Colorado theater shooter are being allowed back home after investigators spent days combing the apartment of James Holmes.

Wednesday - 07/25/2012, 09:31pm EDT

Fear prompts gun sales, panic after Colo. massacre

Firearms sales are surging in the wake of the Colorado movie massacre as buyers express fears about both personal safety and lawmakers who are using the shooting to seek new weapons restrictions.

Wednesday - 07/25/2012, 03:33pm EDT

Debating assault weapons

Cal Thomas and Bob Beckel, commentators

Wednesday - 07/25/2012, 11:10am EDT


Baby of man wounded in Colo. shooting is born

When Katie Medley gave birth to healthy baby boy at University of Colorado Hospital, her husband Caleb, wounded in Colorado's theater shooting, lay in a medically induced coma one floor below her.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 11:29pm EDT

Batman star Christian Bale visits shooting victims

Batman star Christian Bale visited survivors of the Colorado theater shooting Tuesday, and thanked medical staff and police officers who responded to the attack that killed 12 people and injured 58 others.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 10:37pm EDT

Victims' families urge less usage of Holmes' name

Some relatives of people killed in the Colorado theater shooting are urging television news outlets to resist using alleged killer James Holmes' name and image in their stories for fear it gives him the infamy they believe he craves.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 10:36pm EDT

Judge bars cameras from shooting suspect's hearing

A judge is barring news cameras from the next court hearing for the man accused of opening fire at a movie theater showing "The Dark Knight Rises."

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 06:37pm EDT

Ex-legislator apologizes for post on shooting

A former Arizona legislator known for sponsoring the state's anti-illegal immigration law is apologizing for comments he made about the Colorado movie theater shooting that some interpreted as an attack on the victims.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 03:20pm EDT

Fine line: Shedding light on crime vs. spotlight on criminal

James Alan Fox, criminal justice professor, Northeastern University

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 10:08am EDT


3 arrested in separate 'Dark Knight' incidents

At least 3 men accused of making threats during or after watching the new Batman movie have been arrested in separate incidents, underscoring moviegoers' anxieties and heightened security in the wake of a deadly mass shooting at a Colorado theater showing the film.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 09:06am EDT

Fund established to help Aurora victim with Md. ties

Petra Anderson, 22, is a musician and composer, who is enrolled in the University of Maryland's graduate program for music. Her brain defect may have saved her life after she was shot during the Aurora, Colo. massacre.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 06:52am EDT

Colorado shooting puts police chief in spotlight

Dan Oates is an articulate, straightforward man who, as police chief in Colorado's third largest city, is passionate about his community _ and his officers.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 04:09am EDT

How can we prevent mass killings like Aurora?

On the morning of the latest mass shooting, in a place that has become synonymous with tragedy, Tom Mauser's phone started ringing at 5 a.m. When he turned on the news his first thought was "Oh God," followed by an immediate: "Not again."

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 03:30am EDT

Obama honors Colorado victims with military ties

President Barack Obama has honored four victims of the Colorado theater attack who had ties to the military.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 10:37pm EDT

A look at the lives of Colorado shooting victims

A U.S. Navy veteran who served three tours of duty in the Middle East. A 6-year-old girl excited about learning to swim. A Target employee who shielded his girlfriend and her brother with his own body. They and nine others were killed in the shooting rampage during a midnight showing of "The Dark Knight Rises" in a Denver suburb. Here are their stories:

Monday - 07/23/2012, 08:10pm EDT
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