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Rebels release train with bodies from downed jet

Rebels let train with dead from Malaysian jet leave Ukrainian town after international outcry

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 06:09am EDT

EU meets as some countries seek tougher sanctions

EU foreign ministers meeting with some countries demanding a much harder line on Russia

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 05:58am EDT

Australia wants security job for wronged countries

Australia suggests countries wronged by the Malaysian jet crash should secure the crime scene

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 05:40am EDT

Israeli mood turns dark with mounting casualties

Israelis resolute for now, but mounting military casualties could bring pressure on Netanyahu

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 05:10am EDT

UN calls for probe of plane downed over Ukraine

UN Security Council adopts resolution calling for access to site of plane downed over Ukraine

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 04:53am EDT

Moscow subway chief fired after 22 killed in crash

Moscow mayor fires subway chief after 22 killed in deadly crash

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 04:40am EDT

Israeli aircraft hit more than 70 targets in Gaza

Israel hits dozens of targets in Gaza, including mosques, fishing boats and farms, police say

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 03:50am EDT

Mexico declares group home owner mentally unfit

Mexico declares owner of raided group home mentally unfit to face accusations of abuse

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 02:37am EDT

US urges global push for Israeli, Hamas cease-fire

Kerry joins diplomatic effort for new truce amid low expectations for breakthrough to end war

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 12:15am EDT

AIDS conference honors victims of jet crash

AIDS conference opens in Australia with tribute to researchers killed in Malaysian jet crash

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 12:08am EDT

Gaza death toll rises as truce effort intensifies

Gaza death toll surpasses 560 as high-level cease-fire efforts intensify

Tuesday - 07/22/2014, 12:05am EDT

Dutch anger swells at treatment of Ukraine bodies

Dutch anger at treatment of bodies in Ukraine swells as king, queen meet families

Monday - 07/21/2014, 06:55pm EDT

Official: Turkish soldier killed in clash

Official says Turkish soldier killed in firefight with smugglers on border with Syria

Monday - 07/21/2014, 06:08pm EDT

Clashes between rival militias in Libya kill 47

Clashes between Libya's rival militias fighting over Tripoli airport kill 47 over a week

Monday - 07/21/2014, 05:46pm EDT

New York mayor talks migration with Vatican No. 2

On Roman holiday, NYC mayor chats with Vatican's No. 2 about migration, a hot issue back home

Monday - 07/21/2014, 05:14pm EDT

Ukraine at potential turning point after crash

Ukraine's conflict: despite hopes for a turning point, change could be elusive

Monday - 07/21/2014, 04:54pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: As Ramadan fast ends, the feasts begin

AP PHOTOS: As a long summer's day of Ramadan fasting ends, the joy of nighttime feasts begins

Monday - 07/21/2014, 04:03pm EDT

Romania: president blames Russia for downing plane

Romanian president: Russia is "partner for terrorists," to blame for downing Malaysian plane

Monday - 07/21/2014, 03:36pm EDT

South African park considers rhino evacuation

South Africa's Kruger park considers plan to evacuate some rhinos targeted by poachers

Monday - 07/21/2014, 02:53pm EDT

Rebels to give Flight 17 black boxes to Malaysia

Malaysian PM says rebels to give Flight 17 black boxes to Malaysia investigators

Monday - 07/21/2014, 02:41pm EDT
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