Chinese theaters won't hire drug-related actors

Chinese theater companies say they won't hire actors who've used drugs amid crackdown

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 09:36pm EDT

US woman dead in Bali; daughter, 1 other arrested

American woman found dead on Indonesia's Bali island; police arrest her daughter, 1 other

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 08:33pm EDT

Ebola forces Sierra Leone to skip Youth Olympics

Sierra Leone's Youth Olympic team told not to go to China for games because of Ebola

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 03:10pm EDT

Martyrs and peace with Pyongyang top pope's agenda

Martyrs, missionaries, peace with Pyongyang: 5 Things to Know about Francis' trip to SKorea

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:32pm EDT

Chinese seek freedom, edge at US high schools

BACK TO SCHOOL: Turned off by China's cram-for-exam education, high school students head to US

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:00pm EDT

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,199

At least 2,199 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 12:21pm EDT

Roadside bomb kills 4 in southern Afghanistan

Authorities say roadside bomb kills 4 civilians in southern Afghanistan

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 11:58am EDT

Image of Asia: Returning turtles to the sea

Image of Asia: Returning endangered giant green turtles to the sea off Indonesia

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 11:29am EDT

Philippine train rolls onto busy street, hurts 34

Philippine train rams through barrier and rolls into busy street, slightly injuring 34 people

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 10:25am EDT

Owner of sunken ferry arrested in Bangladesh

Owner of Bangladesh ferry that sank with 100 people dead or missing arrested in hiding

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 09:17am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Trapeze sends Filipinos flying high

AP PHOTOS: You feel scared, but when you let go, it's fun: Filipinos flying high from trapeze

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 09:07am EDT

Japan's economy shrinks as tax hike hits spending

Japan economy shrinks as tax hike hammers spending in worst contraction since tsunami disaster

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 06:16am EDT

Asia stocks drift as Iraq, Ukraine tensions simmer

Asian stocks cautious on global uncertainties, weak Japan growth

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 04:36am EDT

Australia won't rule out sending troops to Iraq

Australian prime minister won't rule out sending a combat force to Iraq to prevent 'genocide'

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 03:16am EDT

GM says China venture contacted by regulators

GM says China joint venture responded to information requests by anti-monopoly regulators

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 02:51am EDT

Wife of detained American asks for mercy for him

Family of American detained in North Korea says they are struggling, asks for mercy for him

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 01:20am EDT

China announces birth of rare panda triplets

China announces birth of extremely rare panda triplets

Wednesday - 08/13/2014, 01:02am EDT

Asbestos pushed in Asia as product for the poor

Asbestos going strong in developing world, where industry glosses over scientific consensus

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 10:49pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: Planting rice traditionally in Myanmar

AP PHOTOS: Farmworkers replant rice sprouts using traditional methods in Myanmar

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 04:14pm EDT

Family of kidnapped US aid worker in sad limbo

3 years after kidnapping of US aid worker in Pakistan, his family tries to maintain hope

Tuesday - 08/12/2014, 03:38pm EDT
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