Obama tamps down prospect of strikes in Syria

Obama plays down prospect of imminent US military action to confront militants in Syria

Friday - 08/29/2014, 12:24am EDT

Obama puts Ukraine violence squarely on Russia

Obama signals new sanctions coming on Russia, but no change to a policy failing to deter Putin

Friday - 08/29/2014, 12:24am EDT

No. 2 House Republican faces unlikely challenge

No. 2 House Republican faces unlikely challenge from immigrant farm worker

Friday - 08/29/2014, 12:24am EDT

Today in History

Today in History

Friday - 08/29/2014, 12:08am EDT

Q&A: Few laws govern children at shooting range

Q&A: Review following instructor's death shows few laws govern children at shooting range

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 11:30pm EDT

VENICE WATCH: Iranian tales; vampire takes a break

VENICE WATCH: Iranian director tells 'Tales' of struggle; Paul Wesley takes a vampire break

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 11:18pm EDT

Europe seeks role in postwar Gaza

Europe seeks role in postwar Gaza, paving way for Abbas return

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 11:14pm EDT

UN health agency urges crackdown on e-cigarettes

UN health agency says e-cigarettes must be regulated, sales to minors banned

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 11:12pm EDT

2 California counties ask to form separate state

2 counties formally petition California Legislature for secession, cite lack of representation

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 10:46pm EDT

Syrian charged in plot against troops is now in US

Syrian extradited to Arizona to face charges of plot to use bombs against US troops in Iraq

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 10:30pm EDT

Thai worker settlements with Hawaii farms at risk

Agency error jeopardizes approval for $2.4M in settlements from Hawaii farms for Thai workers

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 10:20pm EDT

Pennsylvania becomes 27th state to expand Medicaid

US approves Pennsylvania plan to expand health care to a half-million more low-income people

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 10:00pm EDT

Wife of Maryland U.S. Rep. Andy Harris dies

Spokeswoman: Wife of Maryland U.S. Rep. Andy Harris dies unexpectedly

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 09:26pm EDT

Obama taps veteran diplomat to be Afghan envoy

Obama taps veteran diplomat Michael McKinley to be next US ambassador to Afghanistan

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 08:40pm EDT

UN: Islamic State group threatens Syria aid access

UN: Islamic State group threatening Syria aid access, just as 1st improvement seen in months

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 08:36pm EDT

Quake is major test for hard-luck California city

California earthquake marks first major test of hard-luck city of Vallejo after bankruptcy

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 08:30pm EDT

Texas school funding still unconstitutional

Judge again declares Texas school finance system unconstitutional, despite $3.4B more funding

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Judge: rule Friday if no abortion law agreement

US judge asks 2 sides in Louisiana abortion law controversy for interim agreement

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 08:10pm EDT

Official: Bidders compete for Uruguay pot business

Official: More than 20 companies bid for licenses to supply marijuana to Uruguay pharmacies

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 07:48pm EDT

Doubts surround plane in Brazil campaign

Campaign of Brazilian presidential hopeful under scrutiny because of plane purchase

Thursday - 08/28/2014, 07:46pm EDT
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