Georgia replaces emergency management chief

Georgia replaces emergency management chief, months after poor response to snowstorm

Monday - 11/24/2014, 06:18pm EST

What to know about federally run Indian schools

What to know about federally run schools for Native American children

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:50pm EST

Academics vote to be forum on Israel boycotts

Academics vote to be forum on Israel boycotts, adopts no stance for or against

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:38pm EST

Security breach eyed at US embassy in Yemen

Court papers: Embassy worker in Yemen processed 'fictitious' visas for travel to US

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:38pm EST

Governor's book gets scrutiny in immigration suit

Arizona governor's book gets scrutiny in legal challenge to state's 2010 immigration law

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:38pm EST

Monumental mess: Rome's mayor getting thumbs down

Mayor gets thumbs-down from Romans sick of traffic chaos; unpaid tickets haven't helped

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:36pm EST

Florida 'warning shot' case ends in plea deal

Woman takes deal in Fla. 'warning shot' case; 'stand your ground' part of 1st trial's defense

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:30pm EST

Hagel: US on stronger course toward security

Hagel, stepping down as defense secretary, says US on stronger course for security, stability

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:20pm EST

Veteran journalist, educator Michael Shanahan dies

Veteran journalist, George Washington University educator Michael Shanahan dies

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:10pm EST

GOP hopefuls avoid specifics in response to Obama

GOP White House hopefuls long on rhetoric, short on specifics after Obama acts on immigration

Monday - 11/24/2014, 05:10pm EST

College buys $219K Chinese conference table

College spends $219K on conference table made in China, where it has campus it hopes to expand

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:50pm EST

Admiral denies role in counterfeiting casino chips

Admiral who was fired as No. 2 nuke commander denies role in counterfeiting casino chips

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:50pm EST

Egyptian leader meets pope, Italian premier

Egyptian president meets Pope Francis, Italian premier on 1st day of Europe trip

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:48pm EST

Iran nuclear talks extended until July

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:38pm EST

AP Exclusive: A week on the road in North Korea

AP Exclusive: On bumpy, 7-day North Korea road trip, glimpses of tough lives and determination

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:37pm EST

Indians seek decent housing by their beloved river

Decades after dams washed them out, Native Americans seek housing by beloved Columbia River

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:28pm EST

Syrian on hunger strike outside Greek parliament

Syrian refugees start hunger strike outside Greek parliament

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:21pm EST

Salvador detective won't let the dead lie silent

'Lawyer for the dead' unearths El Salvador's sadistic violence in a quest for justice

Monday - 11/24/2014, 04:19pm EST
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