Obama cuts sentence with typo, plans more clemency

Obama commutes sentence made longer because of typo, seeks more worthy clemency petitions

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 07:08pm EDT

'Shrimp Boy' pleads not guilty in corruption case

'Shrimp Boy' Chow pleads not guilty to charges in San Francisco organized crime case

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 07:08pm EDT

Wheat rises on weather, Ukraine; Gold jumps

Wheat futures rise on concerns about cold US weather, Ukraine tensions; Gold rises 2 percent

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 07:01pm EDT

Ga. judge won't stop new Vidalia onion rule

Ga. judge won't stop state official from imposing rule aimed at protecting Vidalia onions

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:59pm EDT

Militia leader pleads guilty to ID theft

Minnesota militia leader accused of stealing data from Fort Bragg pleads guilty to ID theft

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:48pm EDT

People with old Social Security debts get reprieve

Social Security suspends program that seized tax refunds to recoup decade-old overpayments

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:42pm EDT

W.Va. man accused of threatening US senator

W.Va. man indicted on 4 federal counts, accused of threatening to kill US Sen. Manchin

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:31pm EDT

Court upholds EPA emission standards

Appeals court rejects state and industry challenges to EPA mercury standards for power plants

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 06:08pm EDT

Venezuela opposition resumes talks with government

Venezuela's opposition resumes talks with government amid rising doubts over prospects

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:52pm EDT

Djiboutian president to visit White House on May 5

White House announces Djibouti President Ismail Omar Guelleh to meet with Obama on May 5

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:30pm EDT

Feds condemn anti-police fliers in Albuquerque

Justice Department condemns fliers in Albuquerque advocating violence against police officers

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:30pm EDT

Union fights push to hire private tax collectors

Union fights Senate push to have IRS hire private contractors to collect some delinquent taxes

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:20pm EDT

N.Y. Native American Nation files petition against U.S.

Wanting to be a part of the discussion about future land use, environmental protections and equal rights, a Native American nation is filing a human rights petition against the U.S. government.

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:19pm EDT

Bills to facilitate prison guard investigations

New prison security laws empower leaders to investigate, punish staff corruption

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:12pm EDT

US military deaths in Afghanistan at 2,177

At least 2,177 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:10pm EDT

First women move into Army platoon artillery jobs

Barrier broken: First women move into Army field artillery jobs as cannon platoon leaders

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Iran protests UN ambassador ban to United Nations

Iran protests US refusal of visa to new UN ambassador to United Nations

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Man who disrupted Supreme Court gets time served

Man who disrupted Supreme Court argument gets time served; video of the protest was a 1st

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 03:41pm EDT
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