Europe ready to land 1st probe on streaking comet

Countdown nears for Europe's 10-year odyssey to land a space probe on a streaking comet

Wednesday - 11/12/2014, 02:10am EST

Google signs 60-year, $1 billion NASA lease

Google will use NASA site in Bay Area for space, aviation, robotics projects

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 05:58pm EST

Watch as the European Space Agency tries to land on a comet

Tune in Wednesday as the European Space Agency tries to land a scientific probe on a comet.

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 04:59pm EST

NASA: Comet bombarded Mars sky with meteor shower

Heavy comet dust assault on Mars created 'mind-blowing' meteor shower, eerie glow, NASA says

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 03:16pm EST

Scientists offer help on Va. carbon reduction goal

University climate scientists offer to help Va. governor draft carbon reduction plan

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 08:56am EST

EU nations could get power to block GMO crops

European lawmakers vote to give EU member states power to block genetically modified crops

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 08:00am EST

Scientists gear up to land 1st spacecraft on comet

European Space Agency makes final preparations to land 1st spacecraft on a comet next week

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 03:26am EST

Slow-moving lava sets house ablaze in Hawaii town

Officials: Lava flow burns down first house in Hawaii town after months of watching

Tuesday - 11/11/2014, 01:22am EST

Groups sue to protect walrus from drilling

Groups sue to protect walrus from Arctic offshore drilling, say agency understated disturbance

Monday - 11/10/2014, 08:40pm EST

Militants attack school in Nigeria

Monday - 11/10/2014, 05:58pm EST

Pilot's survival from fall is 'no minor miracle'

Pilot who parachuted after SpaceShipTwo breakup is in small group of flyers lucky to survive

Monday - 11/10/2014, 05:52pm EST

Environmental groups ready to sue over coal plant

Environmental groups ready to sue over coal ash chemical seepage at Gallatin Fossil Plant

Monday - 11/10/2014, 05:20pm EST

NASA test flight still on track despite accidents

NASA test flight for new capsule still in early Dec. despite back-to-back spacecraft accidents

Monday - 11/10/2014, 03:34pm EST

Astronaut Buzz Aldrin: We need enthusiasm, resources to explore space

The second man to walk on the moon says the United States has lost the enthusiasm we saw in the 1960s for space exploration.

Monday - 11/10/2014, 03:10pm EST

USDA approves GMO potato designed by Simplot

USDA approves genetically engineered potato designed by Idaho's J.R. Simplot Co.

Monday - 11/10/2014, 10:48am EST

Half of all stars may lie outside galaxies

Lost in space? Half of all stars may lie outside galaxies, says study of infrared light

Monday - 11/10/2014, 10:24am EST

Florida teen lost experiment in rocket explosion

Florida student working to restart science experiment lost when unmanned rocket exploded

Monday - 11/10/2014, 08:10am EST

Washington and Lee profs get biology grant

Washington and Lee professors get grant to study link between obesity, infertility in women

Monday - 11/10/2014, 12:17am EST

Hawaii lava's slow forward creep stalls _ for now

Hawaii lava's forward advance stalls; flow front 480 feet from road in rural town

Sunday - 11/09/2014, 12:10pm EST

The Colosseum: Ancient ruin or modern venue?

Friends, Romans and countrymen debate restoring Colosseum to original purpose: entertainment

Saturday - 11/08/2014, 03:44am EST
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