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How to eat as much as possible on Thanksgiving

When it comes to eating large quantities of food, no one is more qualified to dole out advice than a world-ranked competitive eater. Here’s how you can eat to your heart’s content on Thanksgiving.

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Police search for mother after baby left in nativity manger

Police are still searching for the mother of a newborn baby who was left in a Christmas manger inside a New York City church two days ago, his umbilical cord still attached.

German reinvents pre-fab concrete shelters to house migrants

A retired engineer in Germany has come up with a solution to the shortage of appropriate housing for asylum-seekers as winter draws near.(Photos)

Freebies for the 2015 holiday season

WTOP put together a list of free events and offers available now through December to enjoy yourself, and help entertain your out-of-town visitors.

Knockout knockoff: ‘Creed’ turns ‘Rocky 7′ into underdog triumph

Michael B. Jordan stars as Apollo Creed’s son who trains under Rocky Balboa.

The greatest Thanksgiving games in NFL history

Football is a Thanksgiving tradition. Before Thursday’s slate of games, we look back on the 10 best from years past. Redskins fans will wince at the memory of at least one of them.

Redskins to play in London next season

The team announced that they will play the Cincinnati Bengals at London’s Wembley Stadium on Oct. 30, 2016. They will be considered the road team for the game.

Past IRS commissioners: Enough with the budget cuts

Former IRS heads are telling Congress that after five straight years of budget cuts, enough is enough.

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