Mayor: 34 killed in C. African Republic attacks

Mayor: 34 killed as Muslim rebels attack Central African Republic villages

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 10:10am EDT

Jeb Bush lends political star power to Rick Scott

Jeb Bush campaigns for Florida Gov. Rick Scott, credits GOP incumbent for state's economy

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 10:10am EDT

Key dates leading to indictment of Texas' Perry

Key dates leading up to indictment of Texas GOP Gov. Rick Perry on charges of abuse of power

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 09:12am EDT

Officer's name begins to lift weeklong mystery

Release of name begins to lift mystery surrounding white officer who killed unarmed black teen

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 09:08am EDT

Timeline of fatal police shooting of Michael Brown

Timeline of fatal police shooting of Michael Brown in St. Louis suburb of Ferguson, Missouri

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 08:02am EDT

Obama trumpets proposals to lower college costs

As students return to school, Obama highlights proposals for bringing down college costs

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 07:10am EDT

Iraq's al-Maliki: Stern, unwavering, heavy-handed

Iraqi prime minister was stern, unflinching, but many were put off by his heavy-handed style

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 06:20am EDT

Schatz wins Democratic Hawaii US Senate primary

Sen. Schatz wins Hawaii Democratic Senate primary in tight race that went into overtime

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 06:02am EDT

Tens of thousands protest Pakistan's government

Tens of thousands rally in Pakistan's capital, protesting in largest challenge to government

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 05:48am EDT

Police, protesters clash again in Ferguson

Police deploy tear gas as they clash again with protesters in Ferguson after another tense day

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 04:54am EDT

US airstrikes hit militants' vehicles near Sinjar

US military: Drones destroy Islamic State vehicles that had attacked civilians in Sinjar area

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 04:40am EDT

Russian assures Hagel on Ukrainian relief

Pentagon: Russian minister has 'guaranteed' Hagel that no troops linked to humanitarian convoy

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 04:40am EDT

Battle over flood aid roils Colorado Senate race

Battle over flood aid roils Colorado Senate race between Sen. Mark Udall and Rep. Cory Gardner

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 04:10am EDT

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

Guest lineups for the Sunday news shows

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 03:58am EDT

Clinton's break with Obama on Syria _ what's next

A look at key policy areas where the views of Obama and Clinton will be closely watched

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 02:44am EDT

Critics: Police equipped like armies going too far

Critics say Ferguson protest response shows giving US military gear to police has gone too far

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 01:18am EDT

Sarah Palin endorses Joe Miller in Senate race

Palin endorses tea party favorite Miller in GOP US Senate race in Alaska

Saturday - 08/16/2014, 12:20am EDT

Rev. Jackson joins protest after Missouri shooting

Rev. Jesse Jackson links arms with Missouri protesters at site where teen shot by police

Friday - 08/15/2014, 10:00pm EDT

Greek PM says important tomb found in northern dig

Archeologists in Greece find large, 'extremely important' tomb from era of Alexander the Great

Friday - 08/15/2014, 09:40pm EDT

Rick Perry attorney predicts acquittal

Rick Perry's office attorney predicts indicted governor will 'ultimately prevail'

Friday - 08/15/2014, 09:20pm EDT
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