Minimum wage value falling but fairness is debated

Data shows value of minimum wage is down but politicians, economists debate whether it's fair

Monday - 03/31/2014, 04:28pm EDT

Woods tournament at Congressional every other year

Tiger Woods' tournament stays in Washington area, at Congressional every other year

Monday - 03/31/2014, 01:29pm EDT

The GOP advantage: Geography or gerrymandering?

GOP has built-in advantage in fight for House majority _ is it geography or gerrymandering?

Monday - 03/31/2014, 09:46am EDT

Poverty, income levels drive minimum wage debate

Where lawmakers stand on raising minimum wage reflects poverty, income levels back home

Monday - 03/31/2014, 08:36am EDT

Dem push for health law rooted in demographics

Democratic push for Obama health law rooted in districts where many had no health insurance

Monday - 03/31/2014, 07:58am EDT

Congress: GM twice failed to fix defect

Congress: GM twice failed to fix defect that led to recall of 2.6 million small cars

Monday - 03/31/2014, 07:58am EDT

GOP districts isolated from demographic changes

What Hispanic problem? Most GOP House districts isolated from demographic changes sweeping US

Monday - 03/31/2014, 06:40am EDT

Congressional redistricting 101

Congressional redistricting 101

Monday - 03/31/2014, 06:19am EDT

Party of the rich: In Congress, it's the Democrats

GOP labeled party of the rich, but it's Democrats who represent wealthiest districts

Monday - 03/31/2014, 05:28am EDT

Results from independent redistricting are mixed

Independent redistricting panels have had mixed results, varying goals

Monday - 03/31/2014, 05:26am EDT
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