Pro-Russian rebels lower demands in peace talks

New round of Ukraine talks opens with rebels backing off from full independence

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 04:10am EDT

UN backs inquiry of IS group's alleged crimes

UN rights council launches investigation into Islamic State group's alleged crimes

Tuesday - 09/02/2014, 12:30am EDT

Battle-hit Ukraine village picks up the pieces

Residents in rebel-held village in east Ukraine pick up pieces as fighting rages on

Monday - 09/01/2014, 09:00pm EDT

Euro weighed down by soft economic data, Ukraine

Euro slips to near 1-year dollar low amid ongoing economic weakness and Ukraine uncertainties

Monday - 09/01/2014, 06:40pm EDT

Merkel: Arming Kurds in Germany's interest

Merkel to lawmakers: Arming Kurdish fighters carries risks but is in Germany's own interest

Monday - 09/01/2014, 06:06pm EDT

Turkish president seeks 2-state deal in Cyprus

Turkey's president says Cyprus reunification deal should be based on 2-state partnership

Monday - 09/01/2014, 05:09pm EDT

Greece rules out new cuts ahead of bailout talks

Greece rules out new cuts ahead of Paris talks with bailout inspectors

Monday - 09/01/2014, 02:00pm EDT

Paris suburb building blast death toll reaches 8

Death toll in Paris suburb from building explosion increases to 8

Monday - 09/01/2014, 01:55pm EDT

Scottish zoo: 'Bad news' for pregnant giant panda

Edinburgh Zoo warns of bad news for giant panda as due date for giving birth came and went

Monday - 09/01/2014, 01:30pm EDT

Poland's PM: Ukraine's war must be stopped now

Poland's PM says WWII anniversary stressed the need to stop the war in Ukraine

Monday - 09/01/2014, 01:27pm EDT

Insufficient postage leads to bust of fake drugs

Insufficient postage on package of phony health products leads to international bust

Monday - 09/01/2014, 01:20pm EDT

Dutch to send 100 troops to Afghanistan in 2015

Dutch plan to send 100 troops to Afghanistan in 2015 to join NATO training mission

Monday - 09/01/2014, 01:00pm EDT

UK: Passports could be seized to fight terrorism

UK's Cameron: Passports could be seized as part of expanded anti-terror laws

Monday - 09/01/2014, 12:58pm EDT

NATO plans high-readiness force to counter Russia

NATO planning new high-readiness 'spearhead' force to counter new threat from Russia

Monday - 09/01/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Belfast bomb alert snarls roads on IRA anniversary

Bomb threat shuts major motorway through Belfast on 20th anniversary of landmark IRA truce

Monday - 09/01/2014, 12:06pm EDT

Ex-Romanian foreign minister under communism dies

Ex Romanian foreign minister who decreased Romania's dependence on Soviet Union dies

Monday - 09/01/2014, 10:00am EDT

Oslo police suspect base jumping death at ski jump

Norwegian police suspect man killed while base jumping in Oslo

Monday - 09/01/2014, 10:00am EDT

Turkey summons US diplomat over spying report

Turkey summons US diplomat over report of American, British spying

Monday - 09/01/2014, 09:50am EDT

Turkey issues warrants for police in alleged plot

Turkish authorities issue arrest warrants for 33 police accused of plotting against government

Monday - 09/01/2014, 07:00am EDT

Ukraine: rebels fire on border guard vessel

Putin calls for talks; Ukraine says rebels fire on border guard vessel in Azov Sea

Monday - 09/01/2014, 04:42am EDT
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