Ukraine: rebels fire on border guard vessel

Putin calls for talks; Ukraine says rebels fire on border guard vessel in Azov Sea

Monday - 09/01/2014, 04:42am EDT

German anti-euro party enters 1st state assembly

German anti-euro party elected to state assembly for 1st time, booting out Merkel party ally

Monday - 09/01/2014, 02:36am EDT

Lava eruption prompts Iceland aviation alert

Small fissure eruption near Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano prompts aviation alert

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 09:02pm EDT

Germany to send rifles, tank busters to aid Kurds

Germany to send rifles, tank busters to aid Kurds fighting Islamic extremists in Iraq

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 06:30pm EDT

Poland honors Solidarity with new culture center

Poland marks 34 years since Solidarity freedom movement was founded with new education center

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 02:12pm EDT

Parents of British boy in Spain face extradition

5-year-old British boy with tumor receiving care in Spanish hospital, parents face extradition

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 01:26pm EDT

Partial building collapse in Paris suburb kills 2

Apartment building partially collapses in Paris suburb after explosion, 2 killed

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 11:42am EDT

Flash floods snarl traffic in Sweden, Denmark

Flash floods, heavy rains in Sweden and Denmark trap some people in submerged vehicles

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 10:53am EDT

Pro-Russia rebels confident after making gains

Resurgent pro-Russia rebels brim with confidence in Ukraine after gaining ground

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 09:34am EDT

German security official warns of terror threat

German security official warns of 'abstract' terror threat from returning jihadists

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 08:40am EDT

EU threatens Russia with more sanctions

EU threatens more sanctions if Russia does not scale back Ukraine intervention

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 07:30am EDT

EU leaders pick Italian as bloc's new top diplomat

EU leaders pick Italy foreign minister as bloc's top diplomat, Polish premier as council chief

Sunday - 08/31/2014, 02:00am EDT

Missing British boy with tumor found in Spain

Missing 5-year-old British boy with brain tumor found in Spain

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 06:18pm EDT

Clashes at Stockholm protest against neo-Nazis

Swedish riot police clash with anti-neo-Nazi protesters in Stockholm; 7 injured

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 02:38pm EDT

Hundreds protest in Wales before NATO summit

Hundreds of peace protesters march in Wales before NATO summit

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 02:29pm EDT

EU set to slap new sanctions on Russia

EU leaders set to decide new Russia sanctions as Ukrainian President Poroshenko seeks support

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 02:28pm EDT

Families of Russian troops in Ukraine want answers

Families of Russian troops captured, killed or missing in Ukraine want answers on their fate

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 01:54pm EDT

Computer hitch causes flight delays at Spain hub

Computer hitch in air traffic control system causes major delays at Spain's busiest airport

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 09:00am EDT

Poland bars Russian plane from its airspace

Poland bars Russian government plane from its airspace at time of tension between 2 nations

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 03:30am EDT

UN says Syria refugees top 3 million mark

UN: The number of refugees from Syria tops 3 million, up by 1 million from a year ago

Saturday - 08/30/2014, 03:20am EDT
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