Couple accidentally gets bag of cash at drive-thru

Nashville couple given bag of cash at McDonald's drive-thru; was meant to be deposited

Monday - 12/09/2013, 06:08pm EST

Woman: TSA agent took my doll's toy pistol

A Washington state woman was taken aback recently when a TSA agent decided to confiscate a two-inch long gun belonging to her sock monkey, Rooster Monkburn.

Monday - 12/09/2013, 05:03pm EST

Former viral sensation releases second single 'Saturday'

The teen singer who became a viral internet sensation after posting her music video "Friday" on YouTube in 2011 has followed up with a second video aptly named "Saturday."

Monday - 12/09/2013, 04:41pm EST

Fear the Krampus: A different kind of Christmas story

Across Alpine Europe during the Christmas season, men and women adorn themselves in devil horns and carry pitchforks, hellbent on scaring children into behaving.

Monday - 12/09/2013, 04:00pm EST

No hugs allowed? Madison targets pro cuddlers

No hugs allowed? Madison tries to regulate a business that offers professional cuddlers

Monday - 12/09/2013, 12:48pm EST

Ore. man learns driving tank harder than it looks

Oregon man learns driving 50-ton battle tank is harder than it looks, even with owner's manual

Sunday - 12/08/2013, 02:58pm EST

'Cannibal sandwiches' sicken Wisconsin residents

CDC: Holiday 'cannibal sandwiches' with raw beef sickened Wisconsin residents with E. coli

Sunday - 12/08/2013, 02:58pm EST

Ky. man fills brother's wish with big tip in Vt.

Ky. man fulfills brother's last wish with big tip tour across country; makes $500 stop in Vt.

Sunday - 12/08/2013, 02:58pm EST

Ky.'s Liberty Van driver beats $56 ticket in NJ

Ky.'s Liberty Van driver beats $56 obstructed-view traffic ticket in NJ after long treks back

Friday - 12/06/2013, 08:56pm EST

Ghost hunters in Pa. are mistaken for burglars

Pa. police investigating complaint after visiting ghost hunters are mistaken for burglars

Friday - 12/06/2013, 04:10pm EST

Calif. couple conceives rare identical triplets

1 in a million: Northern Calif. couple conceives identical triplets without fertility drugs

Thursday - 12/05/2013, 02:20pm EST

Thief makes off with New Mexico 'church on wheels'

Thief breaks into locked parking lot, drives off with New Mexico 'church on wheels'

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 06:40pm EST

Marylanders have potty mouths, study says

When someone cuts you off while driving or when a customer service representative gives you the runaround are all great times to drop an F-bomb.

Wednesday - 12/04/2013, 02:12pm EST

Seahawks fans make Earth quake (Video)

Seattle Seahawks fans made Earth rumble Monday night during defensive lineman Michael Bennett's 22-yard fumble return for a touchdown.

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 02:51pm EST

Firefighters raise money for charity with racy calendar (Video)

Tampa firefighters flaunting their figures for charity. See the video.

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 10:40am EST

Munch's 'The Scream' adorns Christmas tree in DC

Images of Munch's 'The Scream' decorate Norway's Christmas tree at DC's Union Station

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 09:07am EST

Hair-brained idea? Sony applies for SmartWig patent

Wearable computers are all the rage. There's Google Glass and a number of smart watches. Now, Sony has applied for a patent for a SmartWig.

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 05:28am EST

Bird steals camera in Australia, records journey

Bird steals video camera recording crocodiles in Australia; footage reveals 70-mile journey

Tuesday - 12/03/2013, 01:10am EST

Man cited after tossing cash at Mall of America (Video)

A man who tried to give away $1,000 at the Mall of America was cited with disorderly conduct. Watch the money sprinkle onto shoppers below in this video.

Monday - 12/02/2013, 03:40pm EST

Shrunken head? Ripley's NY to shoppers: Believe it

Shrunken head? Vampire-killing kit? Ripley's in NYC says shoppers can believe it

Saturday - 11/30/2013, 06:58pm EST
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