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Outages, accident cause massive Labor Day backups on Bay Bridge Saturday

Labor Day weekend traffic was worse than usual Saturday, thanks to a power outage on Bay Bridge that reduced the number of open eastbound lanes to two. An afternoon accident only worsened what had already been a 10-mile back up.

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Massive rock threatening to crash into base of Arizona dam

A massive piece of rock is at risk of crashing down from a canyon wall to the base of an Arizona dam, prompting the government to send in a crew of rappelers to keep the slab in place.

Austria takes in refugees that Hungary didn't want

After misery, more than 1,000 people from the Middle East and Asia, exhausted after breaking away from police and marching for hours toward Western Europe, boarded scores of buses provided by Austria

Column: Deflategate debacle proves Roger Goodell has to go

Deflategate was the scandal that was supposed to tarnish Tom Brady’s legacy. Instead, it’s Roger Goodell who has suffered the most, and it may cost him his job.

For these chefs, a great meal starts with good clay

Local chefs are teaming up with pottery artists to create unique tableware that serve as the perfect backdrop for their menus.

‘A Walk in the Woods’ is a ‘Wild’ buddy-comedy hike

Robert Redford and Nick Nolte play aging chums who take on the Appalachian Trial. Could be formulaic fluff, but a great cast and smart screenplay make it more than just a bromance

2 men claiming to have found Nazi gold train go on Polish TV

Two men appeared Friday on Polish TV saying they found a Nazi train said to be laden with gold

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