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2 dead after Germantown gas station shooting

Police say a gunman shot a woman in a car at a Montgomery County gas station Tuesday afternoon before turning the gun on himself. They are both dead.

Olney woman dies in crash | More Montgomery County News
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Victim’s grieving dad tells Holmes jury of devastating loss

Jurors will hear from relatives of each of James Holmes' murder victims as prosecutors try to convince them that death is the only appropriate sentence for his movie theater attack.

Concern over lion hunting rises in South Africa

Critics refer to the custom of hunting captive-bred lions as "canned hunting," saying that such lions are not afraid of people, making them easy targets for shooting in relatively confined areas.

Power through the morning with new protein-packed 'super coffee'

If your morning cup of Joe isn't giving you enough energy to power through the day, a new product on the market could help. A local Georgetown University student explains.

‘Exorcist’ wraps Georgetown outdoor movie series

Georgetown’s “Sunset Cinema” series concludes Tuesday with the horror classic “The Exorcist.”

The Nats are better than the Mets, but it might not matter

All signs point to the Washington Nationals having more talent than the New York Mets. But after they dropped into second place Monday night, see why that might not be enough to get the Nats to the playoffs.

‘Star Trek’ star Nichols headed for NASA flight

The trailblazing star says she won't go quite as high as space, but she'll still be exploring. She also talks about her career and recounts how her conversation with Martin Luther King Jr. kept her from leaving the show.

Human life detected in the IRS

When you think of the IRS, words like warm, fuzzy, helpful, friendly, don’t immediately come to mind. But Senior Correspondent Mike Causey says there are reasons to reconsider that assessment.

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