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Official: Afghan president orders military review

Official: Afghan President Ghani orders review of military operations, may resume night raids

Updated 06 minutes, 36 seconds ago

US stocks dip as oil pushes energy sector lower

US stocks fall back from record levels as oil slumps again, pushing energy sector lower

Updated 19 minutes, 00 seconds ago

Crew docks at International Space Station

Russian, Italian, US astronauts dock at International Space Station after 6-hour trip

Updated 33 minutes, 38 seconds ago

Chinese-built Ebola center dedicated in Liberia

Chinese-built Ebola center dedicated in Liberia as another Sierra Leonean doctor infected

Updated 1 hours, 41 minutes ago

Afghan capital hit by 2 blasts, army casualties

Afghan officials say the capital is hit by 2 blasts, with at least 6 army casualties

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 02:40pm EST

From Japan, the joy of minimalism at home

Thank you, socks: Author tells how to streamline your home quickly _ and with love

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 02:12pm EST

A look at US military action across the Mideast

A look at US military action across the Middle East amid fight against the Islamic State group

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 01:46pm EST

Hong Kong attempts to clear unruly protest site

Hong Kong authorities' attempt to clear barricades at democracy protest site triggers chaos

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 01:18pm EST

Strong earthquake hits China's Sichuan province

Strong earthquake shakes Sichuan province in western China, cutting phone service

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 01:00pm EST

7 senior officials arrested in Thai police scandal

Top Thai police officials accused of bribery, insulting monarchy; more suspects investigated

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 11:50am EST

Cambodia Khmer Rouge trial suspended until January

Cambodia's Khmer Rouge tribunal, facing boycott, suspends genocide trial until January

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 11:50am EST

Pakistan military says jets kill 20 militants

Pakistani army jets kill 20 militants near Afghan border

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 11:10am EST

In New Zealand, feud over fate of 1902 corpse ship

Tensions rise over discovery of century-old corpse ship bound from New Zealand to China

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 11:03am EST

Bollywood women soar but ask: Where's the money?

Bollywood's female stars rise in stature and crank out hits, but ask: Where is the money?

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 10:02am EST

Japan's young fret as unexpected recession hits

Japan's young fret over uncertain future as herculean stimulus effort fails to halt recession

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 09:46am EST

Nepal signs Indian power deal during Modi visit

Nepal signs $1 billion deal during Modi's visit for Indian company to build hydropower plant

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 09:33am EST

Image of Asia: Training to stop street harassment

Image of Asia: Training police to prevent eve teasing, or harassment of women, in New Delhi

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 08:13am EST

China tries students of convicted minority scholar

Lawyer: 7 students of convicted minority scholar tried on separatism charges in western China

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 08:08am EST

South Koreans arrested over stolen Buddha in Japan

5 South Koreans arrested in Japan on suspicion of stealing ancient Buddha statue

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 07:54am EST

Thousands vote in Indian Kashmir amid boycott call

Thousands vote in state assembly elections in Indian Kashmir despite call for boycott

Tuesday - 11/25/2014, 07:44am EST
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