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Oil price slips below $102 a barrel

Oil price slips below $102 a barrel as worries over supply, geopolitical tension ease

Updated 53 minutes, 16 seconds ago

Black boxes from Taiwan air crash investigated

Black boxes sent for examination in Taiwan air crash that killed 48 people

Updated 53 minutes, 18 seconds ago

Sri Lankan asylum seekers to be taken to Australia

Sri Lankan asylum seekers detained for weeks at sea will temporarily be brought to Australia

Updated 53 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Toppled crosses in China spur defiance

As government tears down church crosses, Chinese Christians rise to defend their symbol

Updated 53 minutes, 23 seconds ago

Planes with Ukraine bodies arrive in Netherlands

2 planes carrying remains from Malaysian Airlines disaster arrive in the Netherlands

Updated 53 minutes, 42 seconds ago

S.Korea lab fails to find out how ferry owner died

Forensic lab in South Korea says it fails to find out how owner of disaster ferry died

Updated 21 minutes, 15 seconds ago

Asian stocks bolstered by US economic data

Major Asian stock markets gain on US unemployment data, easing of tensions over downing of jet

Updated 21 minutes, 35 seconds ago

Chicken off McDonald's HK menu after food scandal

Chicken nuggets off Hong Kong McDonald's menu after expired meat scandal at Chinese supplier

Updated 27 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Malaysia to send officer to face NZ sex charges

Malaysia vows to send officer to New Zealand to face sexual assault charges after delays

Updated 1 hours, 58 minutes ago

Australian reporter imprisoned in Egypt to appeal

Australian Al-Jazeera journalist imprisoned for 7 years in Egypt to appeal conviction

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 10:20pm EDT

China lifts quarantine after man dies of plague

China lifts quarantine on northern city after man dies of bubonic plague

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 09:00pm EDT

Taiwan searches plane wreckage for clues on crash

Taiwan authorities search plane wreckage for clues on crash that killed 48, injured 15

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 04:28pm EDT

Fukushima study: Think about unthinkable disasters

US Fukushima report tells nuke industry to think more often about worst case scenarios

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 03:52pm EDT

UN human development report faults inequality

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 02:01pm EDT

Markets solid amid mixed US economic news

Amid easing of tensions over downing of Malaysia jet, markets solid despite mixed US data

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 01:16pm EDT

China's love and dating scene laid out on stage

Chinese women talk about love, dating and pressure to get married in 'Leftover Monologues'

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 01:12pm EDT

2 Finnish aid workers killed in Afghanistan

Gunmen kill 2 Finnish women aid workers in western Afghanistan

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 11:50am EDT

HK firms on edge as democracy rally blockade looms

Hong Kong businesses on edge as democracy protest threatens financial hub's shutdown

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 10:50am EDT

Weather blamed for deadly crash in Taiwan

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 10:20am EDT

Oil drifts down despite China manufacturing bounce

Oil price drifts below $103 a barrel despite China manufacturing improvement

Thursday - 07/24/2014, 10:00am EDT
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