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Mali opposition: Tuareg impasse makes north unsafe

Malian opposition says impasse in talks with separatist rebels is creating insecurity in north

Friday - 04/18/2014, 11:40am EDT

SSudan: 12 die after mob attacks UN base

12 killed in South Sudan when mob attacks UN base; peacekeepers open fire to protect refugees

Friday - 04/18/2014, 05:00am EDT

Nigerians search unsafe forest for abducted girls

Nigerians search dangerous forest for more than 100 abducted girls and young women

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 09:56pm EDT

Pistorius trial: Prosecutor chides defense witness

Chief prosecutor undermines defense expert at Oscar Pistorius murder trial

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 07:05pm EDT

Thugs with machetes attack Nigerian party congress

Machete-wielding thugs attack opposition party congress in Nigeria, dozens wounded

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 06:40pm EDT

Ex-Senegalese president's son to face graft trial

Ex-Senegalese president's son to face graft trial over his multi-million dollar fortune

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 06:19pm EDT

West Africa's Ebola outbreak has claimed 137 lives

Ebola virus outbreak in West Africa has claimed 137 lives, according to UN health agency

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 05:30pm EDT

Kenya sends 91 Somalis to Mogadishu amid crackdown

Kenya sends 91 Somalis to Mogadishu amid anti-terror crackdown in Somali communities

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 05:25pm EDT

5 newspapers suspended in Ivory Coast

Newspaper editors in Ivory Coast denounce temporary ban on their publications

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 11:30am EDT

20 killed as Islamic extremists rampage in Nigeria

20 more killed in villages as Islamic extremists rampage in Nigeria with 4 attacks in 3 days

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 04:36am EDT

AP names Nigeria chief of bureau

AP names Michelle Faul as chief of bureau for Nigeria

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 02:28am EDT

Pistorius defense tries to rebuild case

Under prosecutor's aggressive challenge, Pistorius defense tries to rebuild case

Thursday - 04/17/2014, 01:14am EDT

In Uganda, a nurse is accused of spreading HIV

HIV-infected nurse in Uganda is accused of spreading HIV, raising concerns about stigma

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 05:36pm EDT

Protector of vast African park shot and wounded

Belgian royalty who protects Africa's oldest national park and its animals is shot and wounded

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 02:03pm EDT

UN deploys Ugandan guard unit in Somali capital

Responding to extremist threat in Somalia, UN deploys Ugandan guard unit in capital

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 11:55am EDT

Planned anti-gay rally in Ethiopia is cancelled

Planned anti-gay rally in Ethiopia is cancelled; gov't says gay crimes not a big problem

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 11:30am EDT

Tanzanian president warns Congo rebels to disarm

AP Interview: Tanzanian president warns Congo rebel groups to lay down arms or be hunted down

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 11:00am EDT

Gunmen kill 9 on bus in Ethiopia near dam project

Gunmen kill 9, wound 7 in attack on bus in Ethiopia near construction of new Nile dam

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 06:08am EDT

Defense gets its turn in Pistorius murder trial

Experts: Prosecution made gains in Pistorius cross-examination, but defense can turn it around

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 02:20am EDT

Violence surges from Islamic uprising in Nigeria

Nigeria's Islamic uprising spreads, raising doubts about military's effort to contain violence

Wednesday - 04/16/2014, 01:44am EDT

State TV: 48 die in bus and truck accident in Togo

State television says 48 dead when bus and truck collide in Togo; 15 badly injured

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 08:00pm EDT

Minister: 75 dead in blast at Nigerian bus station

Health minister: 75 dead, 141 wounded in explosion at busy bus station in Nigerian capital

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 11:56am EDT

In handcuffs, Rwanda musician admits to crimes

Wearing handcuffs, Rwandan musician admits to crimes at police news conference

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 11:20am EDT

Fighting threatens an oil center in South Sudan

Fighting threatens an oil center in South Sudan; 5 workers at Russian oil company wounded

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 10:20am EDT

Death toll in Ebola outbreak rises to 121

Death toll in West Africa Ebola outbreak rises to 121; all Mali cases test negative

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 09:40am EDT
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