Ukraine PM: Regions should have more powers

Ukraine's premier says regions should have more power, but no specific proposals

Saturday - 04/12/2014, 05:50am EDT

Donetsk Republic: Ukraine's one-building autonomy

Donetsk Republic: One-building autonomy in eastern Ukraine highlights divisive tensions

Friday - 04/11/2014, 07:34pm EDT

UN expert weighs in on Redskins controversy

UN human rights expert weighs in on Washington Redskins controversy, says name is disparaging

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:10pm EDT

Bail denied for Real IRA man linked to Omagh bomb

Bail denied for Real IRA man charged with 29 murders in Northern Ireland's 1998 Omagh bombing

Friday - 04/11/2014, 12:15pm EDT

British academic Richard Hoggart dies at 95

Richard Hoggart, witness in UK 'Lady Chatterley' obscenity trial and cultural historian, dies

Friday - 04/11/2014, 12:08pm EDT

Gummy bear loses latest round in copyright fight

Chocolate teddy beats gummy bear in latest round in copyright battle between 2 candymakers

Friday - 04/11/2014, 11:50am EDT

Italy: Berlusconi ally declared fugitive

Italy: Berlusconi ally convicted of Mafia association declared a fugitive before final appeal

Friday - 04/11/2014, 11:29am EDT

Swiss say Palestinians can join Geneva Conventions

Switzerland says Palestinians can join Geneva Conventions setting rules of war

Friday - 04/11/2014, 10:50am EDT

UN: militias attack fleeing Central Africans

UN: Christian militias are attacking fleeing Central Africans, blocking routes over the border

Friday - 04/11/2014, 09:40am EDT

Court rejects Holocaust-denying bishop's appeal

German court rejects ultraconservative British bishop's appeal of Holocaust denial conviction

Friday - 04/11/2014, 09:10am EDT

Prison crisis, Dutch style: too few prisoners

Dutch prison crisis grows: now more guards than prisoners

Friday - 04/11/2014, 09:00am EDT

Spain's deflation not as great as first thought

Spain's consumer prices for March dip only 0.1 percent, half earlier estimate

Friday - 04/11/2014, 08:40am EDT

NATO's chief: Russia's actions are illegitimate

NATO's chief visits Bulgaria, calls on Russia to pull back its troops from Ukraine's border

Friday - 04/11/2014, 07:50am EDT

Bus crash in Poland injures 7, mostly teens

Bus crash in Poland sends 7 people _ including 4 Swedes and 1 American _ to the hospital

Friday - 04/11/2014, 07:50am EDT

EU to weigh broadening sanctions against Russia

EU foreign ministers to discuss broadening Russia sanctions over unrest in eastern Ukraine

Friday - 04/11/2014, 06:30am EDT

7 die in eastern Ukrainian mine

7 die in a coal mine blast in eastern Ukraine

Friday - 04/11/2014, 05:50am EDT

Putin: Ukraine debt threatens Europe gas supplies

Putin warns European leaders: Gas dispute with Ukraine can threaten their own energy supplies

Friday - 04/11/2014, 04:34am EDT

Greece returns to bond markets with a bang

Greece sees strong demand for first bond issue since it needed a bailout 4 years ago

Friday - 04/11/2014, 03:16am EDT

UN global study: Murder rate very high in Americas

UN study find slight decline in murder rate worldwide but Americas still 'very violent'

Friday - 04/11/2014, 02:44am EDT

Real IRA man charged with 29 Omagh bomb murders

Real IRA man charged with 29 murders in 1998 Omagh car bomb, deadliest Northern Ireland blast

Friday - 04/11/2014, 02:30am EDT
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