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Pope speaks in German to 50,000 Catholic kids

In rare linguistic break, pope brushes off his German to greet 50,000 German-speaking kids

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:56pm EDT

Putin orders Russia gov't response to sanctions

Putin says he has ordered Russian government to formulate response to Western sanctions

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:50pm EDT

6 aid workers targeted, killed in South Sudan

6 aid workers targeted and killed in South Sudan as violence flares near Sudan border

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:40pm EDT

Palestinian minister: decision to join ICC soon

Palestinian foreign minister says decision on joining war crimes court coming soon

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 12:50pm EDT

Party seeks censure vote against Turkish minister

Turkish party seeks no-confidence vote into Foreign Minister over Iraq hostage crisis

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 12:40pm EDT

UK Muslim Cabinet member quits over Gaza policies

Prominent Muslim member of UK government resigns over policies on Gaza

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 12:09pm EDT

Quake hits South Africa, 1 killed

Earthquake hits South Africa, 1 killed; buildings shake in Johannesburg and surrounding areas

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 11:50am EDT

125 presumed dead in Bangladesh ferry sinking

Cabinet minister says at least 125 people presumed dead in Bangladesh ferry sinking

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 11:10am EDT

Report: 28 Turkish police detained in new raids

Report: Turkish police detain 28 officers suspected of illegal wiretaps in 2nd wave of raids

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 10:50am EDT

Death toll from Ebola in W. Africa hits 887: WHO

Death toll from Ebola outbreak in West Africa hits 887; new case reported in Nigeria

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 10:24am EDT

Image of Asia: Fetching water in a flood zone

Image of Asia: Fetching potable water in a Philippine flood zone

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 08:53am EDT

Iraq air force to back Kurds fighting Islamists

Iraq air force to back Kurds battling Islamic State offensive in the north as refugees flee

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 08:00am EDT

Sweden forest fire rages out of control, kills 1

Sweden forest fire kills 1; about 1,000 evacuated

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 07:00am EDT

East Ukraine city dying under siege

East Ukraine city dying under siege, as power, water and medicine run dry

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 05:54am EDT

Business, Ebola discussed at US-Africa summit

US-Africa summit focuses on progress on the continent, Ebola outbreak

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:54am EDT

Bangladesh rescuers struggle to find sunken ferry

Rescuers in Bangladesh struggle to locate ferry that sank with hundreds on board

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:40am EDT

Sunni militants target Iraq's two biggest dams

With eye to grabbing resources, Sunni militants try to capture Iraq's two biggest dams

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 01:40am EDT

Israel, Hamas accept Egyptian cease-fire plan

Israel, Hamas accept Egyptian cease-fire plan, truce to begin Tuesday morning

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 12:54am EDT

Former enemies unite for World War I commemoration

Former enemies Belgium, France, Britain and Germany unite for ceremonies marking start of WWI

Tuesday - 08/05/2014, 12:40am EDT

Death toll rises to 75 in Chinese factory blast

Death toll rises to 75 in Chinese auto parts factory explosion as poor safety measures faulted

Monday - 08/04/2014, 11:54pm EDT
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