Indiana dog that crashed half-marathon gets medal

Dog that crashed half marathon in Indiana wins a medal _ and an appointment with a vet

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 03:25pm EDT

Washington Capitals player stuck in bathroom takes to Twitter

Most people seek privacy in the restroom, but one Washington Capitals star wanted anything but alone time when he got locked in a bathroom stall, turning to Twitter for help.

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 11:01am EDT

'Carrie' coffee shop prank terrifies customers (Video)

They're all gonna laugh at you. Or more likely, they're all gonna be scared out of their minds.

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 10:54am EDT

Storekeeper chases away would-be robber with machete (Video)

Police on Long Island have released a video of a storekeeper chasing away a robbery suspect with a machete.

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 07:33am EDT

Hate figuring how to split bill? Google offers answer

Trying to figure out how to split a restaurant bill often puts math skills and friendships to a test. Google has applied for a patent of a system that helps groups calculate and pay for joint expenses.

Tuesday - 10/08/2013, 03:52am EDT

Volunteers, port-a-potties help Salem in shutdown

Witchy Salem rolls out volunteers, port-a-potties to deal with govt shutdown at peak season

Monday - 10/07/2013, 02:01pm EDT

Snuggle up like a panda with this fashion accessory

The coat features a detachable panda hood and comes in two sizes.

Monday - 10/07/2013, 11:36am EDT

Stitch-by-stitch; knitting live on Norway TV

Norway to show hours of knitting live on TV in world record attempt

Monday - 10/07/2013, 10:30am EDT

NY police: 70-ft.-long mobile home stolen from lot

Police: 70-ft.-long mobile home stolen from upstate NY parking lot, last seen headed to Vt.

Monday - 10/07/2013, 10:30am EDT

Quick fix for troublesome iOS 7 bug

Many iPhone and iPad users are reporting a pesky bug that's making it difficult to use iMessage and other features. Apple is promising an operating system update, but here's a quick fix.

Monday - 10/07/2013, 07:42am EDT

'Breaking Bad' fans place Walter White obituary

Spoiler Alert: 'Breaking Bad' fans place obituary for Walter White in Albuquerque newspaper

Monday - 10/07/2013, 07:00am EDT

Ninjas or SEALs: Who's quieter?

A cute story about a precocious boy is warming hearts, and it all started with the question, "Who is quieter, (Navy) SEALs or ninjas?"

Monday - 10/07/2013, 05:56am EDT

University students in Hungary hold naked protest

Hungarian university students, instructor undress in class to protest new dress code

Sunday - 10/06/2013, 08:20pm EDT

Baby white lion's roar more cute than fearsome

This week-old white lion cub at the Belgrade Zoo is working on becoming fearsome, and given the size of her parents she'll probably make it. But in this Associated Press video taken Thursday, she's more adorable than awe-inspiring.

Sunday - 10/06/2013, 08:50am EDT

Birthday cake attacked in Wash. courthouse

Man digs his hands into child's birthday cake at Washington state courthouse, gets arrested

Saturday - 10/05/2013, 05:00pm EDT

Oregon bartender gets $17,500 tip

Lottery ticket turns into $17,500 tip for Springfield, Ore., bartender

Saturday - 10/05/2013, 04:20pm EDT

Weather forecast includes apparent plea for pay

Weather forecast from Alaska office includes apparent plea for pay amid government shutdown

Friday - 10/04/2013, 08:50pm EDT

Text mistakenly sent to cop leads to arrest in NJ

Authorities say NJ man mistakenly sent text message to a detective to set up drug sale

Friday - 10/04/2013, 08:40pm EDT

Ohio capital city fights rat problems with fliers

Ohio capital city fights rat problem with educational fliers, mapping of rodent complaints

Friday - 10/04/2013, 08:40pm EDT

Meet WildCat: A robot that can run fast over rough terrain

A new four-legged robot that can run 16 mph and maneuver rough terrain may prove useful on the battlefield.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 12:36pm EDT
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