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Church parade past Mafia home a challenge to pope

Defying Pope Francis, Italian church parade makes detour to stop by Mafioso's house in tribute

Monday - 07/07/2014, 07:54am EDT

Egypt leader wishes journalists weren't tried

Report: Egypt leader says he wished Al-Jazeera journalists were never put on trial

Monday - 07/07/2014, 06:50am EDT

Misconceptions helped kill Australian carbon tax

Misconceptions helped kill Australian carbon tax, turning climate-change consensus to conflict

Monday - 07/07/2014, 06:44am EDT

Israeli FM ends alliance with Netanyahu

Israeli foreign minister ends alliance with Netanyahu, adding instability to coalition

Monday - 07/07/2014, 06:38am EDT

Pro-Russia separatists vow to keep up the fight

After setback, pro-Russia rebels regroup in Donetsk, vow to keep fighting Ukraine's military

Monday - 07/07/2014, 06:14am EDT

Iraq analyzing tape purported to show top militant

Iraq working to determine authenticity of video purportedly showing militant leader

Monday - 07/07/2014, 05:20am EDT

Egypt president raises cigarette, alcohol prices

Egypt president increases sales tax on cigarettes and alcohol

Monday - 07/07/2014, 02:46am EDT

Afghan candidates spar over release of results

Afghan election impasse deepens as candidates spar over release of preliminary results

Monday - 07/07/2014, 02:40am EDT

Video footage shows Pistorius re-enacting killing

Pistorius camp protests after Australian channel shows video of athlete re-enacting killing

Monday - 07/07/2014, 02:30am EDT

Ex-editor Coulson gets 18 months for hacking

Ex-News of the World editor Andy Coulson sentenced to 18 months in prison for phone hacking

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 08:34pm EDT

Saudi rights lawyer sentenced to 15 years prison

Saudi rights lawyer sentenced to 15 years prison and travel ban on charges related to activism

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 04:50pm EDT

Poland opens criminal probe into parachuting crash

Poland opens criminal probe into plane crash that killed 11 parachuting instructors, students

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 04:32pm EDT

Ethnic Albanians protest court ruling on slayings

Macedonian police clash with ethnic Albanians protesting court verdict in slaying of 5 men

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Spain's famed bull run festival begins in Pamplona

Spain's famous running of the bulls festival begins in Pamplona's packed streets

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 01:42pm EDT

Pakistan: 5 indicted in woman's stoning death

Pakistani court indicts father, 4 other men accused of stoning a pregnant woman to death

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 01:28pm EDT

4 killed in car bomb attack in Somalia

Police: 4 killed in car bomb attack in Somalia

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 12:26pm EDT

9 arrested in Macedonia over fake utility websites

9 arrested in Macedonia over website scams targeting public utility customers around the world

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 11:00am EDT

Nigeria: Soldiers repel attack on military base

Military, witnesses: Hundreds of extremists storm northern Nigerian military base; 50 killed

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 10:00am EDT

Report: NSA targeted German privacy activist

NSA reportedly targeted German privacy activist who provided online anonymity tool

Sunday - 07/06/2014, 09:54am EDT
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