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Pothole Patrol: Where are the worst potholes?

Send WTOP your photos and locations of the worst potholes in the area.

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 05:42pm EST

Metro: weekend work to affect 4 of 5 lines

Metro: buses to replace trains on section of the red and green lines for weekend work

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 07:08am EST

From D.C. to Baltimore in 15 minutes? A future possibility

Can you imagine whizzing from D.C. to Baltimore in just 15 minutes? If a business group has its way, you'll be able to speed past the backed-up traffic on Interstate 95 aboard the super-fast magnetic levitation train.

Tuesday - 01/14/2014, 06:43am EST

Debris on Outer Loop leaves drivers with flats

A least 10 vehicles struck debris on the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway near Georgia Avenue Monday, leaving many of them with flat tires.

Monday - 01/13/2014, 08:35am EST

Metro testing automatic train operation next month

More than four years after a fatal Red Line crash, Metro is getting closer to resume automatic train operation, one of the key components of automatic train control.

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 06:07pm EST

Adjudication for D.C. ticket goes on 2 years

A D.C. resident fighting a ticket since early 2012 tells WTOP TicketBuster he's fed up with delays and angry his ticket has been before an appeals board without resolution for almost two years.

Thursday - 01/09/2014, 04:39am EST

Amtrak resumes regular service in Northeast

Amtrak will resume normal operations along the Northeast Corridor Thursday.

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 05:26pm EST

Fairfax landowners choose paintball over McMansions

Jeff Waters and his wife could have sold their 200-acre property in Clifton to a developer to carve into McMansion lots. Instead, they're developing it themselves into the Fairfax County's first paintball field.

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 03:03pm EST

Quantico traffic plan involves three counties, base

A new push to cut rush-hour traffic in Northern Virginia involves a partnership between Prince William, Stafford and Fauquier Counties and Marine Corps Base Quantico.

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 01:39pm EST

VDOT to close I-81 travel center in Troutville

VDOT plans to close I-81 travel center in Troutville in August

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 10:41am EST

Va. Beach says low bid for project has $20M error

Virginia Beach says low bid for bridge project has $20M error, company asks to withdraw

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 09:20am EST

2014: Changes coming to the Dulles Greenway

With drivers paying almost $10 for a round-trip to use the Dulles Greenway, 2014 could be a key year in deciding whether commuters will have to pay more or less in the future.

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 09:09am EST

Metro plans weekend work on all 5 lines

Metro plans weekend work on all 5 lines, most lines will see trains every 20 minutes

Wednesday - 01/08/2014, 03:20am EST

Cold temperatures, wind lead to travel glitches

Cold temperatures, high winds lead to travel troubles around the region

Tuesday - 01/07/2014, 01:46pm EST

NC-to-DC high speed rail compact to meet in Va.

NC, Va. members of high-speed rail compact to meet Tuesday in Richmond

Tuesday - 01/07/2014, 06:50am EST

Metro's Red Line no longer single tracking after broken rail

Metro's Red Line is no longer single tracking after a broken rail caused delays Tuesday morning.

Tuesday - 01/07/2014, 06:13am EST

Metro debuts newest rail cars

Metro debuts newest rail cars; system has ordered more than 500 to replace oldest cars

Monday - 01/06/2014, 08:50pm EST

Md.'s O'Malley urges vigilance during cold snap

Md.'s Gov. O'Malley urges people to be cautious and cover up during bitter cold snap

Monday - 01/06/2014, 06:10pm EST

VDOT makes changes to meet E-ZPass demand

VDOT expands E-ZPass website, adds weekend hours at 2 service centers to meet demand

Sunday - 01/05/2014, 02:01pm EST

Improvements coming to Route 1 near Ft. Belvoir

Ft. Belvoir is one of the largest military bases in our region and that makes commuting there a nightmare.

Sunday - 01/05/2014, 07:26am EST
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