After Sandy: Tips on filing home insurance claims

Insurers will be dealing with a crush of claims in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy which inflicted billions of dollars in damages. Once homeowners can assess the extent of their personal losses, many will have to brace for another ordeal: navigating the insurance claims process.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 11:53pm EDT

Forecasters: New, lesser storm may hit East Coast

A wintry storm may cause post-Election Day problems for the mid-Atlantic and weather-weary East Coast.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 10:59pm EDT

Amtrak to restore service from NYC to Boston

Amtrak will resume service between New York City and Boston on Friday following the repair of commuter rail tracks damaged by Superstorm Sandy, the railroad said late Thursday.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 10:44pm EDT

Call hotline to report disaster fraud

To stop suspected scam artists in wake of Hurricane Sandy, government hotline is available

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 08:42pm EDT

Potential for Sandy scams prompts warnings

Scam alert: Authorities on lookout for expected Sandy-related consumer fraud

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 08:16pm EDT

UN suffers 'unprecedented damage' from Sandy

UN management chief says UN headquarters suffered 'unprecedented damage' from Superstorm Sandy

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 07:58pm EDT

Researchers gauging Sandy's impact on Chesapeake

Across the environmentally fragile Chesapeake, researchers are spreading out to see what Sandy has wrought. So far, the indications are that the impact has not been as great as last fall when a pair of tropical storms caused widespread flooding that dumped mud, debris and sewage into the bay.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 06:40pm EDT

Some Muslim clerics say Sandy is God's punishment

Some extremist Muslim clerics say Sandy was God's punishment for American ills

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 06:22pm EDT

Storm-crippled NYC subway creaks back into service

NYC's storm-crippled subways start rolling again; traffic gridlocked three days after Sandy

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 05:21pm EDT

This is no time for a marathon through New York City

Christine Brennan, USA Today sports columnist

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 05:18pm EDT


Va. port receives NY cargo diverted by superstorm

The Port of Virginia has started receiving cargo diverted from the Port of New York and New Jersey because of Superstorm Sandy.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 05:16pm EDT

Beware of flood-damaged cars post-Sandy

Hurricane Sandy flooded many cars up to their axles, but not all of those ruined cars will be junked, Ron Montoya, consumer advice editor from says.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 04:39pm EDT

On the Run Blog: To run ... or not to run

New York City Marathon runners will be taking to the streets of a city still reeling from superstorm Sandy, and many are weighing the pros and cons of running in a disaster zone.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 04:39pm EDT

Superstorm Sandy leaves financial impact

Tom Keene, editor-at-large at Bloomberg and anchor of Bloomberg News

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 04:33pm EDT


6,190 Va. customers remain without power

About 6,190 utility customers in Virginia remain without electricity as a result of Superstorm Sandy.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 04:27pm EDT

Mayor says NYC Marathon to go on in wake of Sandy

Mayor Michael Bloomberg says NYC Marathon to go on Sunday despite damage from Superstorm Sandy

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 02:49pm EDT

Romney faces scrutiny on aid in storm's wake

In wake of superstorm Sandy, Romney faces scrutiny for past comments on disaster relief

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 02:34pm EDT

Experts: NYC sea barrier could have stopped surge

The vast destruction wreaked by the storm surge in New York could have been prevented with a sea barrier of the type that protects major cities in Europe, some scientists and engineers say. The multibillion-dollar price tag of such a project has been a hindrance, but may appear more palatable after the damage from Superstorm Sandy has been tallied.

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 02:31pm EDT

Nets opener postponed by Sandy; NYC Marathon on

Nets' regular-season debut in Brooklyn on hold because of Sandy's damage; NYC Marathon on

Thursday - 11/01/2012, 01:56pm EDT
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