Police: Car bomb explodes outside Mogadishu hotel

Car bomb explodes outside Mogadishu hotel as police chief meets inside, officer says

Monday - 02/10/2014, 12:01pm EST

Gays in Kenya protest against Ugandan bill

Wearing rainbow masks and wigs, gays in Kenya protest against homosexuality bill in Uganda

Monday - 02/10/2014, 11:40am EST

Britain warns of 'anti-UK sentiment' in Gambia

Britain warns of 'anti-UK sentiment' in Gambia

Monday - 02/10/2014, 11:11am EST

South Sudan peace talks set to resume in Ethiopia

South Sudan peace talks set to resume in Ethiopia late Monday

Monday - 02/10/2014, 08:50am EST

Witnesses: 9 more killed in C. African Republic

Violence in C. African Republic capital kills 9 despite peacekeeper presence, witnesses say

Sunday - 02/09/2014, 01:40pm EST

Future of C. African Republic Muslims imperiled

C. African Republic Muslims hit by mob violence; more peacekeepers needed, says rights worker

Sunday - 02/09/2014, 07:50am EST

Muslims flee Central African Republic's capital

Thousands of Muslims flee violence in Central African Republic; ICC opens war crimes probe

Saturday - 02/08/2014, 12:10pm EST

South Africa: Miner killed in clash with police

South African mining firm says 1 worker killed in clash with police during platinum strike

Saturday - 02/08/2014, 11:00am EST

South Africa to hold elections May 7

Then and now: 20 years after white rule, many South Africans protest for better conditions

Friday - 02/07/2014, 11:29am EST

Free education lures Somali children from streets

In Somalia, a program offering free education to poor children lures many from the streets

Friday - 02/07/2014, 07:39am EST

South Africa: miner death toll rises to 10

South Africa gold mine says 2 miners killed in accidents, raising death toll this week to 10

Friday - 02/07/2014, 05:32am EST

Mali communities denounce female genital cutting

Mali communities denounce female genital cutting in public ceremony

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 04:30pm EST

HRW: Chadian peacekeepers help CAR rebels flee

HRW: CAR rebels committing fresh attacks in north, after fleeing with Chadian peacekeepers

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 01:40pm EST

Kenya: Names of 2 other mall terrorists revealed

Official reveals what police believe is the identities of 2 more terrorists in mall attack

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 01:30pm EST

Uganda signs roadmap to commercial oil production

Uganda signs agreement with foreign oil companies, clearing the way for crude production

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 09:00am EST

South Africa: 8 miners die in underground fire

South African gold mine says 8 miners died in underground fire caused by earthquake

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 08:50am EST

C. African Republic soldiers join chaotic violence

Soldiers kill C. African Republic man just moments after presidential motorcade leaves scene

Thursday - 02/06/2014, 07:30am EST

Congo: Rights groups denounce new amnesty law

Congo: Rights groups denounce amnesty law approved by parliament

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 01:40pm EST

Niger: France and US should intervene in Libya

Niger minister urges France and US to intervene in Libya to combat terror threat

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 01:40pm EST

New barrages of mortar fire rattle Mogadishu

New barrages of mortar fire frighten Mogadishu residents, remind them of a more violent time

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 11:50am EST

South African protesters burn buildings

South Africa says rioters used children as 'human shields' to try to set afire police station

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 11:20am EST

9 missing after South Africa gold mine fire

South Africa: rescue workers search for 9 missing miners after underground fire at gold mine

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 08:20am EST

Libya says all chemical weapons destroyed

Libya, watchdog agency say all toxic chemical weapons from Gadhafi-era stocks destroyed

Wednesday - 02/05/2014, 06:00am EST

Rockets fired at N. Mali French army base

Rockets fired at N. Mali French army base during top officer's visit

Tuesday - 02/04/2014, 04:50pm EST

Zimbabwe takes aim at corruption

How much do they make?! In Zimbabwe, public fumes over sky-high salaries, perks of state CEOs

Tuesday - 02/04/2014, 01:08pm EST
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