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Car crashes into Capitol barricade

A car struck the south barricade of the Capitol on Friday morning. One person was in the vehicle; they’re in the custody of the Capitol Police, who say the car has been cleared of hazards and never entered the security perimeter.

DC mayor, police chief discuss increase in crime | Family: D.C. girl, 3, shot accidentally by brother
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WikiLeaks: US spied on Japan

The WikiLeaks website published top-secret documents Friday that it said shows the U.S. government spied on Japanese officials and companies as recently as 2009.

Wing fragment wrapped and ready for French investigators

It will take at least another day to learn whether the fragment, which was found Thursday, came from Flight MH370, which has been missing for 16 months.

Cooking in a semi: A truck driver’s road to healthy eating

A life on the road is often not a healthy one. But one truck driver has made it his mission to stick to a healthy diet. He skips the truck stops and whips up gourmet meals in his truck's cab.

Review: Mission accomplished for Cruise in new ‘MI’ flick

Whatever you may think of Tom Cruise and his complex off-screen persona, let’s give him this: At age 53, he and his Ethan Hunt are, if anything, getting more fun to watch.

Brazil data: Olympic water ‘unfit’ for triathletes to swim

The most recent pollution reading at Copacabana Beach was taken from a sample this week. An Olympic qualifier and Paratriathlon event begin Saturday; several athletes are already getting into the water.

Average U.S. vehicle age hits a record

The numbers are a sign of the increased reliability of today's vehicles and the lingering impact of the sharp drop in new car sales during the recession.

EPA ignored sexual harassment for more than a decade, whistleblowers claim

Employee allegedly made inappropriate sexual advances, attempted to kiss coworkers and referred to them as “sexy, sweetheart, sweetie, and darling.”

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