Tips to avoid common cable mistakes

Don't be afraid to negotiate when choosing a new cable TV provider or trying to get cheaper monthly rates.

Wednesday - 04/24/2013, 09:32am EDT

Emotions play a huge role in shopping

Whether online or in a store, shopping and emotions go hand in hand.

Wednesday - 04/24/2013, 06:27am EDT

Consumers shop with the environment in mind, remain confused by products

A new study by Cone Communications found 71 percent of American consumers consider the environment when they shop, and almost half look for environmental information when deciding which product to purchase.

Monday - 04/22/2013, 01:10pm EDT

It's in the approach: Get what you want from businesses

People have a right to get what they pay for. If a product breaks down or a service isn't provided as planned there are right and wrong ways to ask for satisfaction.

Monday - 04/22/2013, 07:33am EDT

Looking for a new bike? Tips for finding the right bike shop

The best bike shops offer good service before and after customers pedal away on a new ride. Washington Consumers' Checkbook has numbers of tips to help cyclists navigate a purchase.

Wednesday - 04/10/2013, 10:39am EDT

Free online services offered for some to file tax returns

April 15, or Tax Day, is only days away and if you haven't filed your federal return yet, you might be eligible to use a free online service.

Sunday - 04/07/2013, 07:26am EDT

Virginia's tax refund debit cards come with fees

Virginia's Way2Go prepaid debit card for state tax refunds can cost taxpayers money, if they are not careful.

Friday - 04/05/2013, 04:17am EDT

Cost to raise your bundle of joy just spiked

The cost to raise a child increased by 25 percent over the past decade. So no it's not your imagination, your children really are draining your wallet.

Thursday - 04/04/2013, 03:48am EDT

Course load: Growing burden of college fees

Though their names can border on the comical - i.e., the "student success fee" - there's nothing funny about how they can add up. Colleges lean on fees to bring in revenue in a way that may not be as apparent to as many students.

Monday - 04/01/2013, 07:41am EDT

Smart ways to save money for retirement

Parents may want to pay for their child's education, but they also need enough money in the bank to survive in retirement. Financial expert Carmen Wong Ulrich offers some money saving advice.

Saturday - 03/30/2013, 01:45pm EDT

How to make it more likely you'll get a warning, not a ticket

Drivers hate to see insurance premiums rise, but there may be ways for drivers to talk their way out of tickets.

Wednesday - 03/27/2013, 09:39am EDT

How to make money selling Dominion solar power

If you have a solar panel on your roof or in your backyard producing more electricity than you need, it could soon be a moneymaker.

Wednesday - 03/27/2013, 04:19am EDT

D.C. among worst cities to retire

U.S. News & World Report has ranked Washington as among the worst cities in the country for retirees.

Saturday - 03/23/2013, 03:38pm EDT

Cherry blossom Petal Pass gives retail discounts

The National Cherry Blossom Festival is offering discounts at area businesses, including Macys, Subway and Georgetown Cupcakes.

Wednesday - 03/20/2013, 11:03am EDT

When to get the best vacation travel deals

With the start of spring, travelers may be planning their summer getaways. Find out when to get the best prices on flights.

Wednesday - 03/20/2013, 06:14am EDT

How to haggle to save money

Want to save money on your cable bills or car purchase? It can be as easy as haggling for a better price.

Saturday - 03/16/2013, 07:11am EDT

Debit cards replace refund checks in Va.

Virginia taxpayers aren't receiving tax refund checks in the mail this year. That's because the state eliminated the paper form of payment opting for direct deposit or sending taxpayers a debit card instead.

Thursday - 03/14/2013, 04:55pm EDT

5 free ways to see Washington, a city of museums

5 free ways to explore the US capital, from Washington's museums to its revived waterfronts

Friday - 03/08/2013, 03:23am EST

New technologies help travelers lower hotel prices

New websites and mobile apps are helping travelers spend less on hotel rooms

Tuesday - 03/05/2013, 07:33am EST

How to get the most out of your insurance?

Janet Bodnar, editor of Kiplinger Personal Finance

Thursday - 02/28/2013, 06:16pm EST


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