Turkey cracks down on oil smuggling linked to IS

Turkey oil smugglers say crackdown aimed at punishing Islamic State group has ended boom times

Monday - 10/06/2014, 03:48pm EDT

New NATO chief brings Poles message of reassurance

NATO's new chief brings message of reassurance to Poland on first foreign trip

Monday - 10/06/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Former official charged over Greek Olympic venues

Greek prosecutors charge former official with mismanagement of post-Olympic venues

Monday - 10/06/2014, 02:00pm EDT

UK accuses Spanish vessel of Gibraltar incursion

Britain condemns 'dangerous' incursion by Spanish vessel into Gibraltar waters

Monday - 10/06/2014, 01:28pm EDT

A look at the married couples who have won Nobels

In good times and in bad: A look at the married couples who have won Nobel Prizes

Monday - 10/06/2014, 01:22pm EDT

UK man admits hotel hammer attack on UAE tourists

Man admits attacking Emirati tourists with hammer at London hotel

Monday - 10/06/2014, 12:10pm EDT

Russian opposition figure asks for asylum in UK

Russian opposition figure requests political asylum in UK after house searches

Monday - 10/06/2014, 11:42am EDT

Macedonia court sentences 17 in espionage trial

Macedonian criminal court sentences 17 people in country's 1st espionage trial

Monday - 10/06/2014, 10:18am EDT

Cyprus: Turkey gas search could hurt peace talks

Cyprus says Turkey's gas search plans off island's coast could hurt reunification talks

Monday - 10/06/2014, 10:04am EDT

Ukraine gets drones to help monitor shaky truce

2 drones arrive in Ukraine to help monitor shaky truce in the east between rebels, govt troops

Monday - 10/06/2014, 09:54am EDT

Bulgaria's center-right GERB party wins election

Bulgaria's center-right party wins parliamentary election; returns to power

Monday - 10/06/2014, 09:04am EDT

Chechnya suicide bomber kills 5 police, wounds 12

Suicide bomber in Chechnya kills 5 police, wounds 12 on holiday celebrating pro-Kremlin leader

Monday - 10/06/2014, 04:40am EDT

Polls: Bulgaria's center-right party leading vote

2 exit polls show Bulgaria's center-right GERB party leading in parliamentary election

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 06:32pm EDT

Munich Oktoberfest ends with a beer and a bang

Munich sees out Oktoberfest with traditional salute; police record fewer crimes than usual

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 05:48pm EDT

Portuguese teachers protest austerity cuts

Teachers from across Portugal protest in Lisbon against austerity cuts, education reforms

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 02:24pm EDT

Prayers said for Briton killed by Islamic fighters

Muslims, Christians pray for murdered hostage Alan Henning; 2nd British captive freed in Libya

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 01:52pm EDT

Renault, Daimler execs to expand partnership

Renault-Nissan, Daimler bosses say small cars partnership on track, set to expand further

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 12:10pm EDT

2 surfers die at famed beach in northern Spain

2 surfers die after struggling with currents off northern Spanish beach famed for its waves

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 09:40am EDT

Anarchist militant jailed in Greece pending trial

Anarchist militant jailed pending trial for membership in Greek terrorist group

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 09:20am EDT

4 dead, 23 injured in highway pileup in Greece

4 dead, at least 23 injured in highway pileup in northern Greece

Sunday - 10/05/2014, 08:30am EDT
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