Not all federal agencies taking a hit in shutdown

As many high-profile agencies sit idle because of the federal government shutdown, others are humming along just fine, thank you.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 05:45pm EDT

Union members gather for shutdown protest at U.S. Capitol

More than 100 members of various labor unions, many of them furloughed federal workers, gathered outside the east end of the Capitol building Friday afternoon to protest the government shutdown.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 04:10pm EDT

D.C. to pick up fed's slack, will collect mall trash

In an effort to keep the national parks clean, D.C. public works staff will collect the trash at publicly accessible National Park sites for the duration of the shutdown.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 03:23pm EDT

Virginia Aquarium free to furloughed workers

The Virginia Aquarium and Marine Science Center is offering free admission to furloughed federal workers.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 03:18pm EDT

Smithsonian announces delay in T. rex's arrival

The long-awaited arrival of the Smithsonian's complete Tyrannosaurus rex specimen has been delayed until spring due to the government shutdown.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 03:13pm EDT

Shutdown prompts rare government mix: imagination and laughter

At a Bethesda conference, almost 100 people showed up. There were top officials from pharmaceutical companies, leading academics, consultants, patient advocates and two officials from the Canadian government. What was missing: Their counterparts, the U.S. officials. Suffice it to say, it left some major holes in certain sessions.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 01:56pm EDT

GOP slates vote to give federal workers back pay

House GOP slates vote on Democratic-backed bill to give federal workers back pay

Friday - 10/04/2013, 01:40pm EDT

Boehner ties government reopening to 2-party talks

Boehner says government can't reopen until Democrats address GOP concerns about "Obamacare"

Friday - 10/04/2013, 01:00pm EDT

New group wants a citizens' cabinet (Video)

A group of former politicians is trying to ensure elected officials on Capitol Hill and around the country hear the voices of their constituents.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 12:59pm EDT

APNewsBreak: Shutdown affected border prosecutions

APNewsBreak: Calif. border prosecutions restored after gov't shutdown caused curtailment

Friday - 10/04/2013, 12:40pm EDT

Cavalia's Odysseo comes to National Harbor amid shutdown, offers discounts

For those affected by the shutdown, there are tons of freebies for federal workers -- but one entertaining offer is extending to everyone.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 12:20pm EDT

Dems say it's time for GOP to unite, end shutdown

President Barack Obama decided to stay home from economic summits in Asia as Democrats stepped up pressure on congressional Republicans to rein in their tea party faction and reopen the government with no strings attached.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 11:49am EDT

Coping with the shutdown: The best medicine is laughter

A lot of federal workers are dealing with feelings of anxiety, angst and even sadness, but there are ways to beat the shutdown blues.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 09:18am EDT

Pelosi: Republicans can't even talk to themselves

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi says no progress has been made toward ending the government shutdown because "it's very hard to negotiate with the Republicans when they can't negotiate with themselves."

Friday - 10/04/2013, 08:45am EDT

Government shutdown delays key Bi-County Parkway deal

The latest wrinkle in the new "Battle of Manassas" is coming from Washington, D.C., not Virginia.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 08:41am EDT

Harpers Ferry works to weather shutdown

In Harpers Ferry, US government shutdown unites merchants, civic leaders to sustain tourism

Friday - 10/04/2013, 08:30am EDT

Shutdown jeopardizes nutrition program for poor

Jacob Quick is a fat and happy 4-month-old with a big and expensive appetite. Like millions of other poor women, Jacob's mother relies on the federal Women, Infants and Children program to pay for infant formula - aid that is now jeopardized by the government shutdown.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 07:07am EDT

Helping kids deal with shutdown stress

Just like their parents, kids are feeling the effects of the government shutdown.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 06:54am EDT

Shutdown ruins vacations, hurts local economies

Stop at a cafe in the remote stretches of northern Arizona and southern Utah in the fall, and you're likely to hear a mix of languages as tourists from around the world step into the iconic western landscape, marked by breathtaking canyons and massive rock formations.

Friday - 10/04/2013, 06:39am EDT

Budget, debt unresolved on shutdown's 3rd day

Three days into a government shutdown, President Barack Obama pointedly blamed House Speaker John Boehner on Thursday for keeping federal agencies closed while the bitter budget dispute moved closer to a more critical showdown over the nation's line of credit. The Treasury warned of calamitous results if Congress fails to raise the debt limit.

Thursday - 10/03/2013, 10:49pm EDT
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