Parrot missing for years returns speaking Spanish

Parrot with British accent disappears from owner's home, returns years later speaking Spanish

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 06:44pm EDT

Hot dog! Fired Dublin worker wins $25K over snack

Hot dog! Dublin cinema that fired worker for discounted snack ordered to pay more than $25,000

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 04:00pm EDT

Washington woman fined $500 for feeding bears

Washington woman fined $500 for feeding bears; wildlife agents had to trap 7 nuisance bears

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 03:20pm EDT

Arkansas robber who left ID gets 12-year sentence

Arkansas man who dropped ID card outside store he robbed sentenced to 12 years in prison

Thursday - 10/16/2014, 10:59am EDT

Dream beach house built on wrong lot

Dream Florida beach house turns into nightmare when owners learn it's built on wrong lot

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:30pm EDT

Police: Drunken Santa zombie enters St. Paul home

Police: Man dressed as Santa zombie enters strangers' St. Paul home, terrifies teenagers

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 01:30pm EDT

Emu corralled after jaunt through traffic

Priuses, Beemers, and emus? 6-foot-tall bird captured in Southern California traffic

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Polar bear breaks into home in Alaska village

Polar bear stops to eat seal oil inside Alaska village home; polar bear patrol shoos him off

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Plumpest pumpkin: 2,058-pound gourd sets record

Plumpest pumpkin: 2,058-pound gourd sets record at Northern California competition

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 12:28pm EDT

Truck containing 36,000 pounds of Crisco stolen

Truck with 36,000 pounds of Crisco sticks headed to distribution center stolen in Florida

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 11:50am EDT

Prosthetic leg reported stolen near stadium found

Prosthetic leg reported stolen from man in wheelchair outside Eagles-Giants game recovered

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 10:10am EDT

Boy's 'Dirty Dancing' moves go viral (Video)

Charlie, 8, is becoming an Internet sensation after video captures him perfectly recreating a dance number from the 1987 film "Dirty Dancing."

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 10:03am EDT

Police: Thief posed as Connecticut wedding guest

Police: Man posed as guest at Connecticut wedding reception, made off with couple's gifts

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 09:10am EDT

Travelers can't find out-of-the-way Hawaii airport

Airline complains about lack of signs to help travelers find out-of-the-way Hawaii airport

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 08:10am EDT

Ohio man accused of impersonating officer

Police say Ohio man impersonating police officer was caught when he pulled over real officer

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 07:49am EDT

First Lady makes a point with a turnip (Video)

First Lady Michelle Obama managed to put together her advocacy for healthy eating and one of the year's best jams -- and all in six seconds.

Wednesday - 10/15/2014, 07:23am EDT

Patient takes wheel of ambulance in Arizona

Police: Patient hijacks ambulance from Arizona hospital and drives home

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 05:48pm EDT

Spiders force family from of upscale Missouri home

Thousands of venomous spiders force family to abandon their $450K suburban St. Louis home

Tuesday - 10/14/2014, 11:30am EDT

Man sends newspaper check years after rack thefts

California man sends Florida newspaper check and apology more than 50 years after rack thefts

Monday - 10/13/2014, 07:20pm EDT

Houston Astros improvement costs furniture mogul

Houston Astros improved season costs furniture mogul $4.2 million to make good on promise

Monday - 10/13/2014, 04:10pm EDT
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