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Wegmans steps up to feed families struggling in the suburbs

Food pantry stores dwindle during the summertime even though the need doesn't go away. And the new Wegmans in Germantown is stepping in to help a local food bank keep the food flowing to hungry families.

Thursday - 08/08/2013, 04:44pm EDT

Zillow says the White House could sell for millions

So how much would it cost to buy the White House? Ahead of a policy discussion with President Barack Obama, Zillow has listed the 221-year-old mansion on its real estate site.

Wednesday - 08/07/2013, 03:00pm EDT

How much house $500K buys in Washington

Homebuyers can expect a varied house hunt in Washington, all depending upon where they want to buy.

Tuesday - 07/09/2013, 03:42pm EDT

What rising home sales mean for the D.C. area

Sales of homes in the U.S. are at their highest level in 3 years, rising 9.7 percent in the last 12 months. And the D.C. area is experiencing the same surge.

Friday - 05/24/2013, 10:22am EDT

Half of D.C. houses sell in less than two weeks

Wednesday - 05/22/2013, 01:35pm EDT

Report: Md. Tax Court misses deadline in appeals

A new report finds the Maryland Tax Court failed more than 40 percent of the time to resolve homeowners' appeals of property-tax assessments within 90 days of filing.

Thursday - 05/16/2013, 08:13pm EDT

Rent in D.C. higher than San Francisco, L.A., NYC

D.C.-area rents are higher than those in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, according to data from the 2010 federal census.

Wednesday - 04/17/2013, 04:14pm EDT

America is a country on the move...to D.C.

More Americans moved in 2012, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. And one van line says, more people came to the D.C. area than any other city.

Wednesday - 04/03/2013, 04:19pm EDT

D.C.-area home prices at highest Feb. level since 2007

New data out from the George Mason University Center for Regional Analysis and RealEstate Business Intelligence show February home prices and home sales high. In fact, sales this year were at their highest February level since 2007.

Tuesday - 03/12/2013, 08:54am EDT

'Home of choice contingency' offers sellers security, hurdles for buyers

In today's real estate market, there is proof that sellers have the upper hand.

Monday - 03/11/2013, 04:08pm EDT

Home Value Highwire: Short sales make up third of housing market

Foreclosures have been weighing down the housing market locally and across the nation for years now, but in some states, including Maryland, short sales are surpassing them.

Monday - 03/04/2013, 12:45pm EST

Housing market less dependent on location

Fewer and fewer homes are going up for sale, and that low inventory is determining prices.

Wednesday - 02/13/2013, 08:25am EST

Foreclosures climb in Maryland counties

Foreclosures decreased last year in the D.C. region despite rising foreclosure rates in the Maryland suburbs.

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 08:38am EST

Home-buyers take advantage of low mortgage rates, strengthening housing prices

Ali Velshi, CNN anchor and chief business correspondent

Tuesday - 12/04/2012, 05:26pm EST


Consumer confidence based on jobs, home prices

Ali Velshi, CNN Chief Business Correspondent

Tuesday - 11/27/2012, 05:25pm EST


Sky-high credit scores land best home refinancing rates

Sky-high credit scores land the best home refinancing rates but a loan officer says the deals come with extra costs.

Monday - 11/05/2012, 06:03pm EST

Low inventory frustrates home buyers, good for sellers

The more options out there for people trying to buy a home, the better. But we continue to see low inventory, meaning the same home buyers are tripping over the same properties.

Tuesday - 10/16/2012, 12:44pm EDT

Home prices, sales increase outside the Beltway

As home sales and prices gain strength inside the Beltway, new data shows the good news is spreading.

Monday - 10/15/2012, 03:03pm EDT

Fewer homes for sale mean faster turn around

Ron Sitrin of Long and Foster

Sunday - 09/09/2012, 08:12pm EDT


Home Value Highwire: Banks offering short sales faster

The housing market has been battered and bruised by foreclosures since the housing crisis began, but a new trend is shaping up. It's all because of the banks growing weary of the long foreclosure process.

Monday - 09/03/2012, 01:03pm EDT