Washington Wizards

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Wizards' coach Wittman finally makes the playoffs

After historic amounts of losing, Wizards coach Randy Wittman finally has a playoff team

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 05:22pm EDT

Heat lose 114-93 to Wizards; Pacers get top seed

Without LeBron and Bosh, Heat lose 114-93 to Wizards, giving East's top seed to Pacers

Tuesday - 04/15/2014, 03:38pm EDT

Wizards top Bucks 104-91, close to clinching 6th

Beal scores 26 points as Wizards top Bucks 104-91, move closer to claiming 6th seed in East

Sunday - 04/13/2014, 12:20am EDT

Jefferson leads Bobcats over 76ers 111-105

Al Jefferson's big night lifts Bobcats past 76ers 111-105

Saturday - 04/12/2014, 11:20pm EDT

Nene, Beal lead Wizards past Magic, 96-86

Nene scores 17, Beal adds 16 to lift Wizards in 96-86 win over Magic

Saturday - 04/12/2014, 12:36am EDT

Bobcats in 6th after 94-88 OT win over Wizards

Bobcats win 5th straight, move into 6th place in East with 94-88 OT win over Wizards

Thursday - 04/10/2014, 12:40am EDT

Nene to return Wednesday for Wizards vs Bobcats

Nene to return to Wizards to face Bobcats; forward plans to ease himself back from knee injury

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 05:41pm EDT

Nene to return Wednesday for Wizards vs. Bobcats

Nene to return Wednesday for Wizards vs. Bobcats, plans to ease himself back from knee injury

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 05:00pm EDT

Clifford expects F McRoberts back vs. Wizards

Bobcats coach Steve Clifford expects starting F McRoberts to return for Wizards

Tuesday - 04/08/2014, 03:09pm EDT

Wizards' Nene back at practice after 6 weeks away

Wizards forward Nene returns to practice, has been sidelined 6 weeks with sprained knee

Monday - 04/07/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Bulls win 5th in a row, beat Wizards 96-78

Augustin scores 25; Bulls win 5th straight, possible 1st-round preview 96-78 over Wizards

Saturday - 04/05/2014, 11:14pm EDT

Beal's jumper, Anthony's miscues help Wizards win

Beal's late jumper, Anthony's 9 turnovers help Wizards beat Knicks 90-89

Saturday - 04/05/2014, 12:26am EDT

After long, losing road, Wizards are playoff-bound

No one is proclaiming that the Wizards are the NBA dynasty, but the long-suffering franchise is back in the playoffs, having booked their spot Wednesday night with a 26-point thrashing of the Boston Celtics.

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 03:07pm EDT

Wizards top Celtics 118-92 to clinch playoff berth

'Everything I've been waiting for': Wall, Wizards top Celtics 118-92 to clinch playoff berth

Thursday - 04/03/2014, 05:32am EDT

Jefferson has helped Bobcats change losing culture

Veteran C Al Jefferson says Bobcats 'can be one of the elite teams in the East'

Wednesday - 04/02/2014, 03:34am EDT

Bobcats C Jefferson gets 7 stitches above eye

Bobcats C Al Jefferson receives 7 stitches above right eye, continues to play vs. Wizards

Tuesday - 04/01/2014, 09:26am EDT

Bobcats battle back to top Wizards 100-94

Bobcats come back from 11 down in fourth quarter to beat Wizards 100-94

Monday - 03/31/2014, 11:42pm EDT

Around the NBA: The unstoppable Spurs keep rolling

Around the NBA: San Antonio machine keeps churning forward with 17 straight wins and counting

Monday - 03/31/2014, 05:06am EDT

Wall, Wizards beat Hawks 101-97

Wall has 25, Gooden 16 and Wizards top Hawks 101-97, close in on 1st playoff berth since 2008

Sunday - 03/30/2014, 01:10am EDT

Wizards finally get better of Pacers in 91-78 win

Wizards finally get better of Pacers in 91-78 win, leaving Indiana in offensive 'rut'

Friday - 03/28/2014, 11:16pm EDT