Obama seeks to avoid sequester with short-term fix

President Barack Obama is asking Congress for a short-term deficit reduction package of spending cuts and tax revenue that will delay the effective date of steeper automatic cuts now scheduled to kick in on March 1. Obama said the looming cuts would be economically damaging and must be avoided.

Tuesday - 02/05/2013, 02:28pm EST

Obama to campaign for gun proposals in Minnesota

The fate of his gun proposals on Capitol Hill uncertain, President Barack Obama is seeking to rally support from the public and law enforcement community for his calls to ban assault weapons and install universal background checks for gun buyers.

Monday - 02/04/2013, 06:31am EST

Obama says Boy Scouts should allow gays as members

President Barack Obama said Sunday that gays should be allowed in the Boy Scouts and women should be allowed in military combat roles, weighing in on two storied American institutions facing proposals to end long-held exclusions.

Sunday - 02/03/2013, 06:36pm EST

Obama: Scouts should be open to gays and lesbians

President Barack Obama says the Boy Scouts of America should open its membership to gays and lesbians when its national executive board discusses the issue this week.

Sunday - 02/03/2013, 05:22pm EST

Obama seeks closed loopholes, 'smart' reductions

President Barack Obama says the U.S can reduce its budget deficit by closing tax loopholes and making "smart" reductions in spending.

Sunday - 02/03/2013, 05:11pm EST

Obama says he won't hesitate on women in combat

President Barack Obama says he would have no hesitation ordering women into combat and explained that, as a practical matter, they're already serving that role.

Sunday - 02/03/2013, 05:10pm EST

White House photo shows Obama skeet shooting

Two days before President Barack Obama's first trip outside Washington to promote his gun-control proposals, the White House tried Saturday to settle a brewing mystery by releasing a photo to back his claim to be a skeet shooter.

Saturday - 02/02/2013, 10:10pm EST

Barney, former White House Scottie, dies

Thanks to a tiny video camera on his collar, Barney offered a dog-level holiday tour of the White House in 2002 while shuffling from room to room and menacing the Christmas tree.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 09:01pm EST

Secret Service chief to step down this month

Secret Service Director Mark Sullivan announced his retirement Friday, bringing to a close a turbulent period for the law enforcement agency that included a South American prostitution scandal and a pair of White House gate-crashers.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 08:46pm EST

Obama: Koch 'extraordinary,' 'irrepressible'

President Barack Obama is praising former New York Mayor Ed Koch as an "extraordinary mayor, irrepressible character, and quintessential New Yorker."

Friday - 02/01/2013, 04:03pm EST

Obama bestows national medals for science, tech

President Barack Obama is honoring 12 researchers and 11 inventors with the nation's top award for invention and discovery.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 04:01pm EST

THE RESET: Gov't slowing economic and job growth

President Barack Obama declared last June that "the private sector is doing fine." And President Ronald Reagan liked to tell audiences, "Government is not the solution to our problem, government is the problem." Two major economic reports this week seem to lend some new weight to both provocative assertions.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 12:54pm EST

Carney says US embassy attack `an act of terror'

White House press secretary Jay Carney is calling the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Ankara, Turkey "an act of terror."

Friday - 02/01/2013, 12:05pm EST

White House: Economy healing, but could be wounded

The White House says a new jobs report shows the U.S. economy is healing, but warns Congress not to inflict wounds with looming spending cuts.

Friday - 02/01/2013, 10:09am EST

Obama campaign, DNC end year in debt

President Barack Obama's re-election campaign and the Democratic National Committee ended 2012 with large debts.

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 06:58pm EST

Biden: Gun curbs can't end killings but can help

Curbing guns can't ensure an end to mass slayings like December's killings of 20 first-graders in Newtown, Conn., but it will reduce firearm deaths, Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday.

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 06:26pm EST

Obama decides not to extend term of jobs council

President Barack Obama is letting his jobs council expire, cutting off one source of input from business leaders while unemployment remains stubbornly high.

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 03:16pm EST

Syria a top focus for Biden 3-country trip

The ongoing civil war in Syria will be a primary focus when Vice President Joe Biden embarks on a three-country swing through Europe.

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 12:33pm EST

Economic jitters compete with Obama agenda

Just as President Barack Obama is pushing new initiatives on gun control and immigration, the gloomy old problem of a sluggish economy is elbowing its way back into prominence. Consumer confidence is falling, the economy is contracting and large automatic spending cuts are threatening to hit the Pentagon and other programs, with uncertain consequences.

Thursday - 01/31/2013, 11:04am EST

Obama seeking immigration deal within 6 months

President Barack Obama says he's looking for immigration reform to be completed within six months.

Wednesday - 01/30/2013, 09:40pm EST
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