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Monday - 8/18/2014, 9:34am  ET

June 20, 2011

A) A Polish man looking to impress a woman, rode shirtless on a horse into the front door of her home. The woman was not impressed and called police. The man now faces charges.

B) An Oregon man caught on camera relieving himself into an open reservoir. Authorities decided to drain the nearly 8 million gallon water source, costing the city of Portland $36,000 in the process. The man was charged and fined.

C) A Washington State escaped convict who knocked on a cabin door looking to use a phone and ended up finding an off duty officer from the same prison he ran away from a day earlier. The runaway is back behind bars.


June 13, 2011

A) An Illinois man walked into a convenience store demanding 99 cents. When the store clerk refused, the man held up a gun, but left the store when another customer came in. He didn't get far before police found him. He was also carrying drugs.

B) This New York teen convinced his girlfriend and her family he had inherited a multimillion-dollar home. Too bad it wasn't true. After the family got comfortable in the home, the real owner showed up. The teen now faces burglary charges.

C) An ex-California deputy showed up to his DUI sentencing drunk. The court bailiff smelled the alcohol on the man, and the judge decided to postpone the sentencing. The man's bail was also increased.


June 6, 2011

A) A Maryland man who was yelling during a phone conversation in his motel room about there being a warrant out for his arrest. He was so loud that other motel guests heard the conversation, called the police, and the man was arrested.

B) A man from Delaware who got himself into a woman's home, drank some of her beers, then went to sleep on her couch. When the woman woke up and called police, the man ran off. He was found along a road, beer in hand, and was arrested.

C) A man from Maine who pocket dialed himself into an arrest. The man was doing yard work with his phone in his pocket. The phone kept dialing 9-1-1. Police tracked where the calls were coming from. The man had warrants for unpaid fines, and was arrested in his home.


May 30, 2011

A) An ATM serviceman who was caught stealing over 200,000 dollars from a machine and replacing the real money with photocopied counterfeit bills.

B) A Florida man who was arrested after attacking a woman with a pool noodle. The dispute occurred after the woman allegedly threw his watermelon into the ocean.

C) A burglar who broke into a Texas woman's house but did not actually steal anything. Instead, police found him sitting in the sink eating raw chicken while naked.


May 23, 2011

A) A Georgia man who accidentally pocket dialed police while discussing a drug deal. Police tracked the call to the Waffle House where the man works. He now faces drug possession charges.

B) An Ohio Bank Robber revealed his hood covered face to security cameras after complying with the bank's no hood no hats policy. The man fled from the scene after taking an undisclosed amount. No arrest has been made.

C) A Florida Sears Employee who stole a pair of boots from work and later showed up for his shift wearing the same boots he previously took. The employee faces retail theft charges.


May 16, 2011

a) This wanted Wisconsin man was found hiding in a back yard, naked. Before police took him to jail, they dropped him at the hospital for minor injuries. The man then fled the hospital, still naked, but didn't get far. Police say drugs were involved.

b) A New Hampshire man lied about his wife's illness and death to get money from his job. The man's wife didn't know about the plan, and called her husbands company after she received a sympathy card, to let them know she was still alive. The man was arrested.

c) You might remember this local man stopped to charge his cell phone in a house he was robbing, but left it behind when he fled, after the owner came home. Well, now he'll also plead guilty to seven other break-ins. He could face up to 17 years in jail.

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