Obama: 'America's possibilities are limitless'

In his inaugural address, President Obama noted the country's continuing economic struggles and said that America can't succeed when only a few at the top do well. The country's prosperity must rest on a rising middle class. Full Story

Presidents and God

When it comes to celebrating the start of a president's term, God has played a role in nearly every inauguration since George Washington. Full Story

The Inaugural Balls

Photos from the 2013 Inaugural Balls. Full Story

Inauguration Day by the numbers

Here's a breakdown of Inauguration Day by the numbers. Full Story

Images of the 2013 inauguration

Photos of President Barack Obama's second inauguration from the ceremonial swearing-in to the frosty crowds. Full Story

Ke$ha: The all-American girl at charity concert

Party girl Ke$ha was the all-American girl at charity inaugural concert Monday night

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 02:54pm EST

Seinfeld's Newman weighs in on the first lady's bangs

Wayne Knight, known for his portrayal of Newman on Seinfeld, walked the red carpet with his wife Clare de Chenu at the Creative Coalition Inaugural Ball Monday night. WTOP caught up with him to get his thoughts on the inaugural weekend.

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 02:35pm EST

Michelle Obama wears Wu to the balls again

Michelle Obama again chooses Jason Wu for inaugural gown

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 02:12pm EST

2nd inaugural fashion set for presidential library

Michelle Obama's 2nd inaugural fashion destined for a future presidential library

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 02:09pm EST

2nd inaugural fashion set for presidential library

While a first lady's first inaugural gown is traditionally donated to the Smithsonian, Michelle Obama's second inaugural gown is destined to be among the first objects in a future Obama presidential library.

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 01:46pm EST

Obamas, Bidens attend Cathedral prayer service

Obamas, Bidens attend post-inaugural prayer service at Washington National Cathedral

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 12:20pm EST

Smithsonian curators scout for Obama artifacts

Curators from Smithsonian's new black history museum scout for artifacts at Obama's inaugural

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 12:12pm EST

Inauguration Quotes

Inauguration Quotes

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 11:50am EST

Analysis: Obama agenda will confront GOP on debt

Analysis: Defending Democrats' ideals, Obama warns GOP to seek accord on debt, social contract

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 10:42am EST

Metro records 779,787 trips on Inauguration Day

Metro records 779,787 trips on Inauguration Day, approximately 70 percent of trips 4 years ago

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 10:08am EST

INAUGURATION WATCH: A special dress ends a big day

INAUGURATION WATCH: A special dress ends a big day, and a president faces daunting work ahead

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 10:02am EST

Inauguration offers brief pause from TV bickering

Only a brief pause from TV bickering with Obama's second inauguration

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 09:54am EST

Metro records 779,787 trips on Inauguration Day

The subway in the nation's capital recorded 779,787 passenger entries to the system on Inauguration Day, about 70 percent of ridership on Inauguration Day in 2009.

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 09:04am EST

US pays tribute to King as Obama begins new term

Martin Luther King Jr. honored as Obama, nation's first black president, sworn in to new term

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 07:50am EST

Obama officially signs Cabinet nominations

Obama signs documents delivering Cabinet nominations to the Senate after taking oath

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 05:26am EST

The inaugural do-over: chomping gum, savoring view

In praise of the inaugural do-over: less drama for 2nd swearing-in but still moments to savor

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 04:16am EST

Exodus of inaugural watchers jams DC subway stops

DC transit system reports problems, including delays, crowding, after Obama's swearing-in

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 03:20am EST

Inauguration-goers find tight DC security, delays

Inauguration-goers find tight DC security, some delays on National Mall and at Metro stations

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 03:18am EST

Time to act, Obama declares, taking oath 2nd time

It's time for action, Obama declares, urging unity to tackle nation's problems in second term

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 03:18am EST

Nation honors King on day of Obama inauguration

Nation honors Martin Luther King Jr. as first black president is inaugurated for 2nd term

Tuesday - 01/22/2013, 03:18am EST
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