'Suspicious' packages at Colo. university harmless

Hazardous material experts say two suspicious packages found at the University of Colorado's Aurora campus are harmless.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 07:58pm EDT

Colo. university mum on theater shooting suspect

University of Colorado officials refused to release any significant details Monday on their yearlong association with James Holmes, the former neuroscience graduate student accused of killing 12 people at a midnight movie in Aurora.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 07:51pm EDT

Hospitals release 2 theater shooting survivors

Colorado hospital officials say two more survivors of the mass shooting in an Aurora theater have been released and another is improving.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 07:34pm EDT

Colo. suspect's mom learned of shooting from media

The mother of James Holmes had no idea her son was believed to be the gunman who killed a dozen people in a Colorado theater until she was contacted hours after the tragedy at her San Diego home by a reporter, the family's lawyer said Monday.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 07:29pm EDT

Colo. shooting suspect used Internet for arsenal

In a world where Amazon can track your next book purchase and you must show ID to buy some allergy medicine, James Holmes spent months stockpiling thousands of bullets and head-to-toe ballistic gear without raising any red flags with authorities.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 07:27pm EDT

Security tight at Colo. shooting suspect's hearing

Security was tight Monday outside the courthouse where the suspect in the Colorado theater shooting made his first court appearance.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 05:49pm EDT

Colo. judge issues gag order in theater shooting

Lawyers involved in the Colorado movie theater shooting are limited in how much they can say outside of the courtroom.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 05:18pm EDT

Colo. prosecutor put 2 of 3 inmates on death row

The lead prosecutor handling the mass shooting in a Denver suburb says it will be months before there's a decision on whether to pursue the death penalty, and she'll decide only after talking to victim families.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 05:05pm EDT

Senate has moment of silence for Colorado victims

The Senate observed a moment of silence Monday for those killed in the shooting rampage at a Colorado movie theater.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 02:25pm EDT

Family of Colo. shooting suspect to make statement

A lawyer representing family members of the suspect in the Colorado mass shooting plans to hold a news conference Monday in San Diego.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 01:27pm EDT

Passing laws won't eliminate evil

Monday - 07/23/2012, 11:07am EDT


Vigil for Colo. victims draws Columbine survivor

Anne Marie Hochhalter, wearing a silver cross around her neck, sat in the front row of a vigil for the victims of the Colorado theater massacre.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 07:41am EDT

Columbine survivors reach out to theater victims

The images brought it all back for survivors of the 1999 Columbine massacre. The blood. The tears. The confusion and the heartache, the elusive search for a reason why.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 12:11am EDT

Injured survivors recount hellish chaos in theater

One man remembers the moment he knew his friend's life was ebbing away as she lay bleeding on the floor beside him. Another remembers the shock reflected on people's faces as they watched him stagger past, trying to stanch a bullet wound in his neck.

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 11:50pm EDT

Coloradans bow in prayer for shooting victims

Voices and hands raised in prayer, mourners of many beliefs joined Sunday to remember the 12 killed in the early-morning mass shooting at a movie theater in Colorado.

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 11:26pm EDT

AP Source: Batman mask found at suspect apartment

A law enforcement official says investigators have found a Batman mask inside the apartment of a man suspected of opening fire at a midnight premiere of "The Dark Knight Rises."

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 10:44pm EDT

Holmes family pastor recalls suspect as shy, smart

A San Diego pastor remembers the Colorado shooting suspect as a shy boy who was driven to succeed in school.

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 08:37pm EDT

Pastor: Colo suspect was shy boy driven to succeed

A pastor for the family of Colorado shooting suspect James Holmes recalls him being a shy boy who was driven to succeed academically.

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 05:48pm EDT

Police finish gathering evidence at apartment

Police have finished collecting evidence from the apartment where the Colorado shooting suspect lived, but residents are still not allowed back into the building because of chemical hazards.

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 04:23pm EDT

AP PHOTOS: A community grieves after a massacre

With the suspect in the mass shooting at a Colorado movie theater in custody, people from the state and beyond are coming together to contemplate the massacre and remember the victims.

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 04:15pm EDT
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