Obama signs law requiring report on spending cuts

President Barack Obama has signed a law requiring him to report to Congress on where his administration would make some $110 billion in cuts to defense and domestic programs required by a deficit-cutting plan.

Tuesday - 08/07/2012, 04:39pm EDT

Obama praises NASA for Mars landing

President Barack Obama says NASA's successful mission to put a robotic rover on Mars is an "unprecedented feat of technology."

Monday - 08/06/2012, 02:47am EDT

Obama turns 51; plays golf, heads to Camp David

President Barack Obama celebrated his 51st birthday Saturday with a round of golf and a quiet weekend at Camp David, taking a break from campaigning three months before Election Day.

Saturday - 08/04/2012, 05:19pm EDT

US blames Russia, China in Annan resignation

The White House says Kofi Annan's resignation as United Nations envoy to Syria highlights the failure of Russia and China to support action against Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Thursday - 08/02/2012, 12:57pm EDT

Michelle Obama visits NC to encourage Nov. turnout

First lady Michelle Obama has urged a supportive crowd in North Carolina to get out the vote for her husband's re-election bid in the political battleground state.

Wednesday - 08/01/2012, 04:14pm EDT

White House aide apologizes for wrong fact check

When you're busted, better to admit it.

Tuesday - 07/31/2012, 09:47pm EDT

Obama orders new sanctions on Iran

Seeking to ratchet up pressure on Iran, President Barack Obama on Tuesday ordered new sanctions on Iran's energy sector and on foreign banks in China and Iraq that the U.S. says help the Islamic republic evade international penalties.

Tuesday - 07/31/2012, 04:07pm EDT

White House: Automatic cuts 'highly destructive'

The White House is telling agency officials to "continue normal spending and operations" even as they face what the administration is calling "highly destructive" across-the-board budget cuts in January.

Tuesday - 07/31/2012, 03:47pm EDT

Obama could be descended from African slave

A team of genealogists has found evidence that President Barack Obama could be a descendent of an African slave _ but not through the lineage of his black father, the most likely route researchers had followed and exhausted.

Monday - 07/30/2012, 07:29pm EDT

Gov't stepping up fight against health care fraud

Stepping up their game against health care fraud, the Obama administration and major insurers announced Thursday they will share raw data and investigative know-how on a scale not previously seen to try to shut off billions of dollars in questionable payments.

Thursday - 07/26/2012, 05:22pm EDT

Obama to House: 'Do the right thing' on tax cut

Now that the Senate has voted to extend middle-class tax cuts, President Barack Obama is appealing to the GOP-run House to "do the right thing."

Thursday - 07/26/2012, 02:49pm EDT

Gov't stepping up fight against health care fraud

The Obama administration is upping the ante in the fight against health care fraud, joining forces with private insurers and state investigators on a scale not previously seen in an attempt to stanch tens of billions of dollars in losses.

Thursday - 07/26/2012, 11:04am EDT

Obama creating African-American education office

President Barack Obama is creating a new office to bolster education of African-American students.

Wednesday - 07/25/2012, 04:38pm EDT

White House: Assad displaying 'depth of depravity'

The White House says the Syrian government's assault on the city of Aleppo with tanks and airplanes illustrates what it called "the depth of depravity" by the regime of President Bashar Assad.

Wednesday - 07/25/2012, 02:58pm EDT

New bid to train social workers on military issues

A new program is being launched to train thousands of social workers on how to aid troops coming home from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Wednesday - 07/25/2012, 12:05pm EDT

DHS: Deportation proposal could cost $585 million

The Obama administration's new plan to grant temporary work permits to many young, illegal immigrants who otherwise could be deported may cost more than $585 million and require hiring hundreds of new federal employees to process more than 1 million anticipated requests, according to internal documents obtained by The Associated Press.

Tuesday - 07/24/2012, 04:15pm EDT

Obama honors Colorado victims with military ties

President Barack Obama has honored four victims of the Colorado theater attack who had ties to the military.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 10:37pm EDT

For first lady, Olympic trip is 'dream come true'

First lady Michelle Obama says she's excited about leading the U.S. delegation to the London Olympics this week but remains "heartbroken" by the Colorado movie theater shooting.

Monday - 07/23/2012, 02:21pm EDT

Obama to visit Sunday with victims' families

President Barack Obama will travel to Colorado on Sunday to visit with families of victims of the movie theater shooting.

Sunday - 07/22/2012, 12:18am EDT

Obama heading to visit shooting victims, families

President Barack Obama will travel to Colorado on Sunday to visit with families of victims of the movie theater shooting.

Saturday - 07/21/2012, 11:27pm EDT
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