Suspect in Colorado attack called loner who left few clues

A gunman opened fire at a Colorado Planned Parenthood clinic on Friday, killing 3 and wounding 9 others. University of Colorado-Colorado Springs police officer Garrett Swasey was among those killed. The gunman has been identified as Robert Lewis Dear.

The Latest: Colorado cafe owner says suspect didn’t say much | Photos: Planned Parenthood shooting | More National News
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Fatalities as freezing rain, floods and ice hit central US

At least two people died in fast-moving floodwaters in Texas as freezing rain and flooding pummeled the central U.S. Friday, and forecasters warned that the chilling weather would worsen over the holiday weekend.

Polish experts analyzing data concerning alleged Nazi train

A Polish mining academy says its experts are analyzing data gathered from a site allegedly hiding a Nazi train, which local lore says is laden with gold.

What Facebook is doing for new parents

Facebook has made a policy change that gives four months of paid parental leave to new parents.

Hokies give Beamer one more win Virgina, 23-20

A week after losing in the final home game of Beamer’s 29 years as coach, the Hokies didn’t let him down on the road.

Area medical student starts life-saving chain with donation

Graham Stratton, a second-year student at the George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences, did something unusual during his summer vacation — he donated a kidney to a stranger. And the good deed came around.

Carson after camp tour: Absorb Syrian refugees in Mideast

Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson said Saturday, after visiting a camp for Syrian refugees, that the displaced should be absorbed by Middle Eastern countries, not by the U.S.

DoD paying price for troops in Afghanistan

The two-year budget deal agreed to by Congress has left DoD in a hole for its 2017 budget planning.

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