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Pakistan cricket hero's party quits parliament

Pakistan cricket hero's party quits parliament to pressure PM to resign

Friday - 08/22/2014, 09:35am EDT

Tunisia crackdown raises fears of rights rollback

Tunisia efforts to fight terrorism raise fears of rights infringement

Friday - 08/22/2014, 07:52am EDT

Liberia gives food in slum sealed to stop Ebola

Hundreds line up for rice, water in Liberian slum sealed off to stop spread of Ebola

Friday - 08/22/2014, 07:48am EDT

Hamas admits kidnapping Israeli teens

Hamas leader says group kidnapped Israeli teens in West Bank in June

Friday - 08/22/2014, 07:47am EDT

Russian aid convoy advances toward Ukraine

Fierce fighting rages in eastern Ukraine as delayed Russian aid convoy begins advancing

Friday - 08/22/2014, 07:47am EDT

Syria opposition: Deadly chemical attack forgotten

A year later, opposition believes deadly chemical attack in Syria has largely been forgotten

Friday - 08/22/2014, 07:47am EDT

Voice, image give clues in hunt for Foley's killer

Voice-recognition, social media may be key to identifying militant in beheading video

Friday - 08/22/2014, 07:47am EDT

Israel kills 3 Hamas military commanders in Gaza

In war of attrition in Gaza, Israel kills 3 top Hamas military commanders, calls up reserves

Friday - 08/22/2014, 01:56am EDT

Indonesian court rejects election loser's appeal

Indonesian court rejects appeal by losing presidential candidate over alleged poll fraud

Friday - 08/22/2014, 01:42am EDT

Malaysia receives bodies from Flight 17 crash

Malaysia mourns as bodies from plane shot down over Ukraine return home

Friday - 08/22/2014, 12:58am EDT

Greek archaeology site sparks intense interest

Beset by tour requests, archaeologists digging ancient Greek tomb ask the curious to keep away

Friday - 08/22/2014, 12:18am EDT

100,000 elephants killed in Africa, study finds

Poaching slaughter: Study estimates 100,000 elephants killed across Africa from 2010-2012

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 10:12pm EDT

Thai army ruler named prime minister

Thailand's army ruler named prime minister 3 months after coup

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 06:16pm EDT

Reporter's death galvanizes anger, little action

US reporter's death galvanizes anger but little action yet against Islamic State fighters

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 05:48pm EDT

US 'concerned' by arrest of American in Israel

State Department expresses concern over arrest of Palestinian-American in Israel

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 05:40pm EDT

Reports: Syria troops kill scores of jihadis

Reports: Syrian troops in besieged northern air base kill dozens of jihadis

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 05:10pm EDT

Pakistan parliament rejects calls for PM to quit

Pakistan parliament rejects calls for premier to quite despite mass protests outside

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 03:50pm EDT

Turkey's Davutoglu expected to be a docile premier

Turkey's Davutoglu expected to be a docile prime minister _ with Erdogan calling the shots

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 03:18pm EDT

Saudi court sentences 18 more on terror charges

Saudi court sentences 18 on terror charges, wrapping up verdicts on alleged 50-member cell

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 03:10pm EDT

10 Things to See: A week of top AP photos

10 Things to See: A gallery of lasting moments chosen by our editors

Thursday - 08/21/2014, 02:36pm EDT
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