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Malala awarded 'Children's Nobel' prize in Sweden

Malala wins World's Children's Prize 2014 in Sweden, called the 'Children's Nobel'

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 03:07pm EDT

Austrian police detain 14-year-old terror suspect

Austrian police detain 14-year-old terrorism suspect, say he planned to target train station

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 03:00pm EDT

30,000 rally in Benin capital for elections

30,000 rally in Benin capital in demonstration called by opposition calling for elections

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 02:50pm EDT

Ebola puts Ghana's bush meat traders out of work

Ebola puts Ghana's bush meat traders out of work as most patrons heed government warnings

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 02:10pm EDT

ICC refuses to let Gbagbo attend mother's funeral

International court won't let former Ivory Coast President Gbagbo attend his mother's funeral

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 02:00pm EDT

51 countries sign deal in tax evasion crackdown

51 countries sign accord to share financial information in global tax evasion crackdown

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 01:38pm EDT

UAE official warns of potential for IS-Shabab link

Senior Emirati official warns of possibility of Islamic State and al-Shabab collaboration

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 12:49pm EDT

Russia says France has set date to transfer ship

Russian official: France has issued invitation for transfer of warship built for Russia

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 12:20pm EDT

Basketball more than just a game for Saudi women

Basketball is more than just a game for Saudi women defying taboo of women in sports

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 11:42am EDT

Emissions drop puts EU just shy of 2020 goal

Greenhouse gas emissions drop in 2013 puts EU just shy of 2020 goal

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 11:28am EDT

No flak jacket: UN's Ban Ki-moon lands in Somalia

No flak jacket required: UN chief comes to Somalia in business suit, sign of safer Mogadishu

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 10:57am EDT

Reality TV show 'Big Brother' to debut in China

Reality TV show 'Big Brother' plans Chinese version online

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 10:28am EDT

Japan, North Korea in 2nd day of abduction talks

Japan, North Korea hold 2nd day of rare talks in Pyongyang on investigation into abductions

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 10:19am EDT

Top UN Ebola official: new cases poorly tracked

UN's top anti-Ebola official in West Africa tells AP new cases poorly tracked, harming efforts

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 09:20am EDT

Q&A: What's behind Malaysia's sodomy case vs Anwar

Q&A: Why is Malaysian government pursuing sodomy case against opposition leader Anwar?

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 07:40am EDT

Army troops isolated after Africa duty tour

Dozens of Army soldiers to be isolated in Italy on return from Africa tour to help Ebola fight

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 07:00am EDT

Video: Islamic State hostage 'reports' for captors

In propaganda video, journalist held by Islamic State group 'reports' for his captors in Syria

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 05:36am EDT

Mexico investigators comb gully for missing 43

Mexico investigators comb gully in search of remains of missing 43 students

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 05:30am EDT

Seoul: N. Korea's Kim Jong Un had ankle surgery

Mystery solved? South Korean spy agency says North Korean leader Kim had ankle surgery

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:24am EDT

India slides, US gains in gender equality ranking

India slides in gender equality rank despite rapid economic growth; US climbs 3 spots to 20th

Wednesday - 10/29/2014, 04:24am EDT
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