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Yemen examines DNA of slain al-Qaida militants

Yemen examines DNA of slain al-Qaida militants suspected to include top leaders

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 02:00pm EDT

France unveils plan to stop youths joining jihad

France unveils plan aimed at stopping youths from joining jihadist groups in Syria

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 01:53pm EDT

Poland holds 1st big security exercise in decades

This is only a test: Poland handles fake crashes, bombs, threats in national emergency drill

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 01:25pm EDT

Snowden installed as University of Glasgow rector

Edward Snowden installed as University of Glasgow student leader but unlikely to visit UK

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 01:00pm EDT

Officials: 1 UN soldier wounded by mine in Mali

Officials: UN vehicle drives over mine at north Mali airstrip, 1 solider wounded

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 12:30pm EDT

Europe recovery shows signs of strengthening

Purchasing manager survey shows business activity at highest level in 3 years

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 11:38am EDT

Govt must turn over info on CIA prisons to defense

Judge in Cole attack case orders prosecutors to share CIA secret prison details with defense

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 09:12am EDT

Yields fall sharply in Portuguese debt auction

Yields fall sharply in Portuguese debt auction, raising hopes of successful end to bailout

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 09:09am EDT

AP PHOTOS: Syrians on treacherous trek to safety

AP PHOTOS: Under cover of darkness, Syrians make grueling nighttime trek to safety in Lebanon

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 09:02am EDT

Amnesty: Qatar fails to protect domestic workers

Rights group urges Qatar, host of 2022 World Cup, to do more to protect domestic servants

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 08:50am EDT

Some drama off-camera in Mideast conflict film

In film about Israeli-Palestinian conflict, some of the drama plays out off camera

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 08:12am EDT

Pope John XXIII launched Vatican II and then some

Pope John XXIII, soon to be saint, ushered in Vatican II and changed face of papacy

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 08:10am EDT

Scholars analyze bones of Swedish medieval king

Researchers open gilded box with bones of Swedish medieval king for DNA analysis

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 07:51am EDT

Lebanese lawmakers vote, fail to elect president

Lebanese Parliament holds a round of voting for head of state but fails to elect president

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 07:40am EDT

Obama visit to Asia seen as counterweight to China

Japan, Philippines, other Asian hosts looking to Obama visit as counterweight to China

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 07:24am EDT

Material on Australian shore examined in jet hunt

Material that washed ashore in western Australia being examined in Malaysian jet search

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 07:10am EDT

'Piles and piles' of bodies in S. Sudan slaughter

'Piles and piles' of bodies after South Sudan slaughter; thousands streaming to UN base

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 06:36am EDT

Blair: Radicalized Islam a growing threat

Tony Blair says West should work with Russia, China to fight 'radicalized Islam'

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 06:10am EDT

Australia signals deeper search for Malaysian jet

Australia says search for Malaysian jet likely to use more powerful sonar to delve deeper

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 05:04am EDT

Analysis: Putin likely to ignore West on Ukraine

Analysis: Putin has few reasons to heed West's calls to defuse crisis in Ukraine

Wednesday - 04/23/2014, 03:46am EDT
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