Newly developed Cobain photos show suicide scene

Police: 35 newly developed photos show room where rock icon Kurt Cobain shot himself

Sunday - 03/30/2014, 10:10am EDT

Police: Man, 86, kills grandson's girlfriend, self

NYC police: 86-year-old man shoots grandson, kills grandson's girlfriend, then commits suicide

Sunday - 03/30/2014, 08:20am EDT

Number of missing from Washington slide plummets

Number of missing from Washington mudslide drops from 90 to 30; official death toll hits 18

Sunday - 03/30/2014, 03:20am EDT

Magnitude-5.1 earthquake shakes Los Angeles

USGS says magnitude-5.1 earthquake shakes Los Angeles area; More than 100 aftershocks follow

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 05:51pm EDT

Burger King Baby finds birth mom, feels 'pure joy'

Burger King Baby finds birth mom 27 years later after Facebook campaign, gets long-awaited hug

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 04:12pm EDT

NJ Gov. Christie on major push to shed scandal

NJ Gov. Christie puts up traffic cones to separate himself from scandal that has consumed year

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 11:46am EDT

Marathon bombing suspect seeks records on brother

Lawyers for Boston Marathon bombing suspect hope records will show his brother as mastermind

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 11:24am EDT

Slide survivor tells of 'wave' of mud hitting home

Washington mudslide survivor tells of swimming to surface after 'wave' of mud, water hit home

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 09:04am EDT

Oklahoma woman charged in deaths of 2 women, girl

Oklahoma woman charged in 1992 deaths of 2 women, girl found in septic pit hole

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 03:30am EDT

Ex-FAMU band member gets 1 year in hazing death

Ex-Florida A&M band member 1st to be sentenced to jail time in drum major's hazing death

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 03:18am EDT

Christian school pressures 'tomboy' to transfer

Family removes 8-year-old 'tomboy' from Christian school after getting ultimatum

Saturday - 03/29/2014, 02:36am EDT

Museum items can't be seized to pay Iran judgment

In victory for museums, judge says relics can't be seized to pay $412 million Iran judgment

Friday - 03/28/2014, 11:34pm EDT

Dallas man found dead in home filled with clutter

Workers find Dallas man's body after repeated attempts to find him in home filled with clutter

Friday - 03/28/2014, 11:12pm EDT

Airline apologizes for note on deaf couple's bag

American Airlines apologizes for note on deaf Houston couple's bag, sets sensitivity training

Friday - 03/28/2014, 09:46pm EDT

Town wants its name to reflect Grand Canyon ties

Town outside Grand Canyon considers changing its name to reflect its ties to the national park

Friday - 03/28/2014, 09:46pm EDT

Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam POW and ex-senator, dies

Jeremiah Denton, Vietnam POW who blinked 'torture' in Morse code during TV interview, dies

Friday - 03/28/2014, 08:17pm EDT

Navy gunman once faced murder charge in NC

Court records: Civilian who killed sailor aboard Navy ship was once charged with murder

Friday - 03/28/2014, 06:33pm EDT

Workers escape large garage collapse in California

Workers escape unharmed when parking garage under construction collapses in Los Angeles

Friday - 03/28/2014, 04:29pm EDT

US recognizes Michigan same-sex couple marriages

US Attorney General Eric Holder extends federal recognition to Michigan same-sex marriages

Friday - 03/28/2014, 04:02pm EDT

Obama may allow air defense help for Syria rebels

AP source: Obama weighs allowing shipments of air defense systems to Syrian opposition

Friday - 03/28/2014, 01:34pm EDT
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