GOP leaders say failed legislation will be revived

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 02:00am EST

GOP sweeps most governor's races

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 01:50am EST

Vermont Legislature to decide governor's race

Vermont Legislature to decide governor's race since no candidate got over 50 percent of vote

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 01:50am EST

Boehner: No time to celebrate

Republican leaders look ahead to a GOP House and Senate next year

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 01:30am EST

GOP wins more than enough seats to control

Republicans continue adding to victories after gaining Senate control

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 12:58am EST

Republicans will hold at least 52 seats in Senate

Republican victory in Iowa gives GOP at least 52 Senate seats, control first time since 2006

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 12:58am EST

GOP to control Senate

Republicans gain enough Senate seats to move into majority

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 12:50am EST

Perdue wins Georgia Senate race

Democrat falls in Georgia Senate race; Republicans add to House majority

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 12:30am EST

Walker survives challenge in Wisconsin

Scott Walker re-elected as Wisconsin governor after stiff challenge

Wednesday - 11/05/2014, 12:00am EST

Democrats lose Colorado Senate seat

Colorado brings Republicans a fifth new Senate seat; Scott wins in Florida

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 11:38pm EST

DC slow to report election results

DC reports few election results 2 hours after polls close; board says it's on schedule

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 11:20pm EST

Koch-backed group starts ads in Louisiana runoff

Senate race continues in Louisiana, Koch-backed group rushes in with ads to help Republican

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 11:20pm EST

Republicans add fourth new Senate seat

Republicans move toward Senate majority, while padding majority in the House

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 11:09pm EST

Brown fails in second-state Senate bid

Republican Scott Brown loses to Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in New Hampshire

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 10:40pm EST

Comstock wins House seat in Va., keeps seat GOP

GOP's Barbara Comstock wins Virginia's 10th Congressional District, keeps seat Republican

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 10:10pm EST

Third Senate pickup for GOP

GOP win in South Dakota Senate race marks party's third pickup

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 10:10pm EST

Corbett loses Pennsylvania governor's race

Corbett loses in Pennsylvania, Hassan re-elected in New Hampshire

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 10:10pm EST

Republicans pick up second seat

Republicans win Arkansas Senate race, also capture governor's office

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 09:58pm EST

Biden: Democrats lose seats, hold Senate majority

Biden on talk radio predicts Democrats will lose races but hold 52-seat Senate majority

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 09:58pm EST

Alexander, Cochran retain Senate seats

Alexander and Cochran among Republican winners; Booker and Markey win for Democrats

Tuesday - 11/04/2014, 09:20pm EST
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