Cookouts take bigger bite out of your wallet

Rising beef prices will make for a heftier grocery bill as you plan for your Fourth of July cookout.

Tuesday - 07/02/2013, 04:33am EDT

Diesel drivers saving more in long run, study finds

A University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute study estimates savings between $2,000 and $6,000 in total ownership costs in a three- to five-year period.

Monday - 07/01/2013, 07:20am EDT

Cable companies offer deals to attract customers

Hulu, Netflix, Amazon, and Apple are just a few companies now offering TV shows through the Internet. But, cable and satellite companies are fighting back and working to win customers with deals and promotions.

Thursday - 06/27/2013, 09:51am EDT

Tips to keep your energy bill down in hot weather

Hot and humid temperatures will rule the rest of the week, but there are ways to stay cool without running the air conditioner constantly.

Monday - 06/24/2013, 12:26pm EDT

U. of Richmond ups free-education income limit

The University of Richmond will offer a free education to Virginia students with family incomes at $60,000 or less beginning in the fall 2014.

Friday - 06/21/2013, 04:59pm EDT

Ride instead of drive to save thousands of dollars

Ditch the car and save big bucks. Thursday is the eighth annual Dump the Pump Day to encourage commuters to ride public transportation instead of drive.

Thursday - 06/20/2013, 09:48am EDT

Tips to stretch your grocery dollar

Here are some tips from Martha Stewart to keep the grocery bill from requiring a second mortgage.

Monday - 06/17/2013, 03:59am EDT

Check contractors carefully when repairing storm damages

Like bees to honey, scam artists flock to areas hit by severe weather.

Friday - 06/14/2013, 01:44pm EDT

Best airfare deal of the year starts today

What perhaps may be the best airfare deal of the year begins on Tuesday.

Tuesday - 06/11/2013, 09:31pm EDT

Thousands of area homeowners to receive mortgage settlement

Thousands of people across the Washington area and across the country who lost their homes to foreclosure are about to get checks in the mail.

Tuesday - 06/11/2013, 01:13pm EDT

Tech Tips: Ways to improve online life, save money

Tech Tips: Review your digital life regularly to improve experience, save money

Friday - 06/07/2013, 02:04pm EDT

Amazon's 'unicorn' discount codes

An Amazon coupon code would be the holy grail of coupon codes.

Friday - 06/07/2013, 08:42am EDT

Cheap tickets to Les Miserables at Theatre Lab

WTOP's Bob Madigan reports.

Tuesday - 06/04/2013, 10:57am EDT


Cicadas, pollen and other summertime car killers

A brood of 17-year cicadas is creating quite the buzz around here. And while the big-eyed bugs are no harm to you, your car is another story.

Tuesday - 06/04/2013, 06:17am EDT

The truth about air conditioning service contracts

Air conditioners can get stressed during hot summer months, but service and maintenance contracts aren't necessarily worth the money.

Monday - 06/03/2013, 08:56am EDT

No Va. taxes on hurricane supplies this week

Virginia's tax-free holiday runs through May 31, making it the perfect time to stock up on emergency supplies before hurricane season officially starts on June 1.

Wednesday - 05/29/2013, 12:23pm EDT

Don't break the bank: How to save money on college

With a little bit of help, families can cut back on rising college costs.

Wednesday - 05/29/2013, 08:36am EDT

Stock up for hurricane season with tax-free items

As hurricane season begins, quick thinking and good timing could mean saving money while stocking up on emergency supplies.

Saturday - 05/25/2013, 12:29pm EDT

Money spent gambling tax deductible - if you win

You have to claim winnings on your taxes, but you can also claim those losses.

Tuesday - 05/21/2013, 04:08am EDT

Dine out without breaking the bank

While those who want to save money usually avoid eating out altogether, there are some ways to save cash while still having someone else do the cooking.

Monday - 05/20/2013, 05:34am EDT
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