A burden further south, snow makes ski areas giddy

Northern New England ski areas are giddy as Thanksgiving snowfall heralds busy season

Updated 59 minutes, 41 seconds ago

Thanksgiving travelers slowed by snow and rain

Snow and rain slow Thanksgiving travelers in the Northeast; more than 600 flights canceled

Updated 59 minutes, 53 seconds ago

Health insurance sign-ups coming to shopping malls

Obama administration teams up with shopping center company on health insurance outreach

Updated 00 minutes, 05 seconds ago

Turkey's great escape foils our Thanksgiving plans

Our plans to serve a farm-fresh turkey are foiled when she makes a great escape

Updated 00 minutes, 07 seconds ago

Protesters force lockdown of St. Louis City Hall

Protesters angry about Ferguson decision rush St. Louis City Hall, hold mock trial of officer

Updated 00 minutes, 12 seconds ago

Holiday travelers greeted by cheap gas, storms

Thanksgiving travelers thankful for cheaper gas, some scramble to beat a path around storms

Updated 00 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Ferguson protesters storm St. Louis City Hall

Ferguson protesters chanting 'shame' storm St. Louis City Hall; at least 2 arrested

Updated 00 minutes, 27 seconds ago

Hiker photographed bear before it killed him

Hiker took photos of bear before it mauled him to death while he was hiking with friends

Updated 04 minutes, 40 seconds ago

Facing health law hikes, consumers mull options

Premiums for many popular plans are going up. How will consumers react?

Updated 04 minutes, 44 seconds ago

Colorado mastodon bones show ancient warmer Earth

Researchers: Mastodon bones and sediment from Colorado site shows what warmer world was like

Updated 10 minutes, 07 seconds ago

At 1 month, US Ebola monitors finding no cases

At 1-month mark, US Ebola screening program for travelers finding cooperation but no disease

Updated 10 minutes, 20 seconds ago

FBI data show thousands of gun sales beat checks

As Black Friday looms, FBI data show background checks fail to decide 186,000 gun sales a year

Updated 10 minutes, 29 seconds ago

Prosecutor faces new criticism over Ferguson case

Prosecutor faces renewed criticism over decision to call grand jury in Ferguson shooting

Updated 10 minutes, 39 seconds ago

Police ID officers involved 12-year-old's shooting

Cleveland police identify officers involved in shooting of 12-year-old boy with pellet gun

Updated 33 minutes, 11 seconds ago

Ferguson protesters across US peaceful, disruptive

Protesters across US both peaceful, disruptive on 2nd day of rallies after Ferguson decision

Updated 46 minutes, 22 seconds ago

Ferguson officer says he never wanted to kill

Ferguson officer Wilson says he's sorry about Brown's death but followed his training that day

Updated 46 minutes, 32 seconds ago

58 arrested in 2nd night of Ferguson-area protests

Arrest total raised to 58 from 2nd night of Ferguson-area protests over grand jury decision

Updated 1 hours, 04 minutes ago

Helium: It gives NYC's Thanksgiving parade a lift

A few uplifting facts about helium, which makes big balloons soar in NYC's Thanksgiving parade

Updated 1 hours, 26 minutes ago

Brown's mother: Ferguson decision 'heartbreaking'

Brown's mom: Grand jury decision 'heartbreaking,' Wilson's description of her son insulting

Updated 1 hours, 34 minutes ago

Ohio bill seeks extra retail pay on Thanksgiving

Ohio bill seeks triple pay for retail workers on Thanksgiving as Macy's makes working optional

Updated 1 hours, 40 minutes ago
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