Calif. man busted for selling rustled cow costumes

Police arrest Calif. man they say tried to sell rustled cow costumes lifted from Chick-fil-A

Friday - 11/08/2013, 01:34pm EST

Ugly child lawsuit a hoax? Or not?

The story of the Chinese man who sued his ex-wife -- and won -- for having ugly children is raising some questions after going viral on Thursday.

Friday - 11/08/2013, 08:23am EST

Pa. woman in stalking case banned from Twitter

Pa. judge bans woman in stalking case from using Twitter; says no more tweets for 5 years

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 10:30pm EST

Calif. man skydives on 100th birthday

California man fulfills wish by skydiving to mark his 100th birthday

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 06:00pm EST

Calif. thief gets away with 140,000 pounds of nuts

Central California thief steals nearly $400,000 worth of walnuts as crops' prices soar

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 05:19pm EST

Jordan's jaw-dropping property auction

After sitting unsold on the market for more than one year, Michael Jordan lowered the price of his Chicago-area mansion from $29 million to $8 million.

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 03:48pm EST

D.C. teacher grades, spins basketball at same time (Photo)

An AP physics teacher in D.C. has taken grading to another level.

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 11:57am EST

See dyslexia through your own eyes (Video)

A book aims to show others what it's like to have a reading difficulty.

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 03:34am EST

Fast food chain invents mask so women can wolf burgers

A Japanese fast-food chain says women don't like to be seen with their mouths wide open. So, the chain invented a paper mask to shield a women's mouth while she wolfs down a huge hamburger.

Thursday - 11/07/2013, 01:41am EST

Alligator found under escalator at Chicago airport

Small alligator found under an escalator at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 07:50pm EST

Mouse vs. scorpion: Guess who wins? (Video)

When picking a winner in a fight between a mouse and a scorpion, most people would probably pick the scorpion.

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 06:15pm EST

Biden calls wrong person to congratulate election victory

Martin Walsh's phone rang on Election Day a few minutes after the result's of Boston's mayoral race were announced -- it was Joe Biden, the vice president, calling to congratulate him.

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 05:49pm EST

Homeless man was in Pittsburgh presidential suite

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 01:41pm EST

Motorcycle recovered in Calif 46 years after theft

Triumph motorcycle recovered at Port of Los Angeles 46 years after it was stolen in Nebraska

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 01:02pm EST

Man arrested after using stun gun on wife to fulfill football bet

A 42-year-old Chicago Bears fan was arrested in Wisconsin after apparently following through on a bet he made with his wife centered on "Monday Night Football's" Chicago Bears-Green Bay Packers matchup.

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 12:50pm EST

Reporter dad captures adorable interview with kids after homemade haircut (Audio)

A reporter may have conducted the most adorable interview ever after his 5-year-old daughter cut the hair of his 3-year-old daughter.

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 11:48am EST

Fired coach holding party at Oregon Hooters

Fired coach holding awards party at Oregon Hooters; restaurant picking up the tab

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 11:30am EST

Google helps out with Helpouts

The new feature from Google lets you chat with experts in almost any subject.

Wednesday - 11/06/2013, 04:56am EST

Parents to kids: I ate all the Halloween candy (VIDEO)

Watch the results of TV host Jimmy Kimmel's annual Halloween challenge to parents.

Tuesday - 11/05/2013, 05:30pm EST

8th graders conspire to help teammate score his 1st touchdown

A group of middle school boys in Michigan were featured on CBS Evening News recently for their act of kindness to a fellow student -- providing a welcome break from the stream of school bullying stories that more often make headlines.

Tuesday - 11/05/2013, 02:21pm EST
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