NASA measures snowpack in California, Colorado

NASA launches a mission to measure snowpack in California, Colorado mountain ranges

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 01:06pm EDT

Crash spills thousands of corn dogs on Louisiana interstate (Video)

Louisiana commuters may have been jonesing for ketchup and mustard after a crash caused thousands of corn dogs to spill onto an interstate earlier this week.

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 12:19pm EDT

Senators concerned by Secret Service allegations

Senate chairman and top Republican concerned by alleged Secret Service conduct in Netherlands

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 11:10am EDT

Hospital infections less common, new report says

US hospital infections less common than previously thought, says new government estimate

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 11:10am EDT

Mudslide recovery brings tears to searchers

Rescuers deal with heartbreaking work as they search for mudslide victims

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 11:03am EDT

California drought spurs mini gold rush in Sierra

California drought opens new opportunities for gold prospectors in Sierra Nevada foothills

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 10:22am EDT

LA doctors practice speeding up trauma care

Los Angeles hospital doctors practice communication skills in 'operating room of the future'

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 09:18am EDT

TSA wants police at checkpoints after LAX shooting

TSA recommends armed law enforcement at checkpoints during peak hours after airport shooting

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 07:05am EDT

Peace Corps aims to boost recruiting, diversity

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 05:30am EDT

Charlotte mayor resigns; accused of taking bribes

Charlotte, NC, mayor resigns after being accused of taking bribes, charged with corruption

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 04:24am EDT

US official: NY terror case a win for civil courts

Attorney General Eric Holder signals new terror cases will go to civil courts, not tribunals

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 03:03am EDT

Worker describes escape from burning building

Rescued construction worker on escape from burning Houston building: 'I had to do something'

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 02:28am EDT

Oklahoma judge strikes execution law over privacy

Judge finds Oklahoma execution law unconstitutional; says privacy provision is too strict

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 02:10am EDT

Feds praise verdict against bin Laden son-in-law

Feds praise verdict against bin Laden son-in-law, call him a member of a 'homicidal hierarchy'

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 01:26am EDT

Windy snowstorm whips Northeast; whiteout on roads

Wind-whipped snow batters Northeast; snow blamed in fatal crash, wind cited in deadly fire

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 12:40am EDT

Connecticut approves highest state minimum wage

Connecticut approves $10.10 minimum wage hike by 2017, highest for any state in US

Thursday - 03/27/2014, 12:00am EDT

Court seems likely to block Secret Service case

Supreme Court seems likely to block free-speech lawsuit against Secret Service agents

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 10:00pm EDT

World Vision reverses decision to hire gays

Prominent Christian charity World Vision reverses decision to hire Christians in gay marriages

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 09:10pm EDT

Navy: Sailor died at Va. base protecting colleague

Navy: Slain sailor jumped in front of colleague during gunfight at Virginia base

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 08:58pm EDT

Ex-Hopi chairman charged with Olympian bust theft

Former Hopi chairman accused of stealing bust of his Olympic runner grandfather from museum

Wednesday - 03/26/2014, 08:27pm EDT
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